YOUnique Conference 2016

By Randell Tiongson on January 22nd, 2016

Some years ago, my good friend and communications mentor Jayson Lo introduced me to the concept of DISC or different people personalities. Learning DISC from Jayson has radically changed my views of other people which is very crucial in my line of work as a speaker, writer and advocate.

This January 30, 2016, Jayson Lo will be having his YOUnique Conference at SMX Aura and this is definitely a must-attend learning event for many of us. I have the privilege and honor to be included in the line up as one of the guest speakers. I will speaking on “Behavioral Finance”.

Why should you attend YOUnique Conference 2016? Here are 3 good reasons why:

  1. You will know your strengths and weaknesses and that of others — a very important life skill.
  2. You will learn to adjust to different kinds of people while keeping your own identity intact.
  3. You will understand various applications of the the different personalities of people for work and even your family.

To learn more about the conference, click HERE or call/sms 0917-5564558

See you there!



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YOUnique Conference 2016