Why spend so much on earphones?

By Randell Tiongson on July 4th, 2011

I don’t do reviews of consumer goods because I don’t buy much stuff. Whenever I do buy something, it is because I need it and you can definitely bet that it is of good value.

When a dear friend invited me to a product presentation for some bloggers, I was not too keen attending it since the product to be discussed are ear phones. What will I do in an a product review for something young people would love but something I might sneer upon. I have seen how many foolishly splurged in uber expensive ear phones. I am aghast to hear some people spend more than P10,000 for some silly earphones.

* Photo courtesy of Jane Uymatiao

Since the invite came from a friend who I can’t say no to, I grudgingly agreed out of friendship, nothing more. When I arrived at the Digital Walker in Eastwood, I was handed a bag with a set of earphones for me to test. Politely, I listened to the product presentation and I must say that the product being introduced was impressive in design and I was sure it sounded good; otherwise the distributors would not spend a dime promoting it. The presenter said something that caught my attention, he said that the product is of good value and is relatively inexpensive compared to other branded earphones. I immediately inspected the box and was pleasantly surprised to see the sticker price of the earphones.

The brand is called Urbanears. When we were asked to try it out, I was excited to plugit onto my  iPhone and hear for myself of the quality. I searched through my playlist and decided to play a jazz track from George Benson – the best way to test good sound is through good music, not some moronic song from a ‘gangsta rapper’ or Lady GaGa. I was testing Urbanears’ entry level earphones, the Bagis and I was impressed with the quality. I was further impressed that all Urbanears come with microphones already which is so nifty for iPhones (and other units).

The price? P1,200 only for the Urbanears Bagis. For the fashion conscious, they’ll like the fact that Urbanears items come in with so many colors… too many if you ask me. Since I’m a boring person, I was happy with my blue earphones (though I’d rather be green) – well, it’s still more exciting than white or black. Why buy an expensive earphone when you can get the same quality at a much cheaper price? For a personal finance guy like me, this is a product I like! Cost + value = win.

When I got home and told my teenagers that I came from the Urbanears’ event and I had a sample, they swooned and asked me for my ear phones. My reply: sorry kids, I’m keeping this one.

Urbanears are available at Digital Walker stores.


3 thoughts on “Why spend so much on earphones?”

  • I should be looking for it now to test one. My sensitive ears need something that “fits”. Music should be enjoyed…not with an exorbitant price tag! Thanks Randell! I hope it is widely distributed. You’re right, I’ll go for the green….might as well give the blue one away!( Kids, you owe me one!)

  • Hi Laurence,

    Available in all Digital Walker stores. Pretty good, the unit comes with different silicon adapters – S, M, L. Much better sounding than the iPod earphones, and much better fitting. Good value — was surprised that it was inexpensive.

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Why spend so much on earphones?