Why is money mentioned a lot in the Bible?

By Randell Tiongson on February 8th, 2020

Did you know that financial matters are mentioned in the Bible more often than prayer, healing, or mercy? I have read that there are over 1,300 passages about money and possessions — yup, that much!

Why would the Bible give so much attention to money when Matthew 6:33 assures us that we don’t need to focus on worldly matters like our bank balance? It says that so long as we seek the kingdom of God, we have nothing to worry about. Yet the sad truth is that most people are only one peso away from financial disaster, and too many of us are consumed by money worries. If you sometimes catch yourself spending more time stressing about money than growing in your relationship with God, you are not alone. Though the Bible tells us to place our trust in our eternal security, all too often our attention is focused on concerns about our temporary security.

It’s no wonder, then, that finances are mentioned so many times in the Bible. God must have thought money was important because it’s the one thing that constantly pulls us away from him. What can you do to get your finances under control and devote yourself to the stuff that really matters, rather than money worries? You must be willing to make some sacrifices, and constantly pray for strength and guidance from God. By placing your trust and faith in Him, your money, your relationships, your life, and whatever else is important to you, your life will be everything you ever dreamed of. If you do it God’s way.

Be a good steward and make Jesus the lord of your life, and especially your wallet and you will begin to understand that God has great plans for you and for your part in the building of His kingdom. After all, your money is not yours, it is His.

The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, declares the LORD of hosts.

(Haggai 2:8, ESV)


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Why is money mentioned a lot in the Bible?