When diversification does not work

By Randell Tiongson on September 7th, 2010

Readers of my work and those who attend my programs know that I am an advocate of diversification when it comes to investments. It is my view that diversification, when properly undertaken, is a great risk management technique and a truly prudent action. Many so called experts have argued that diversification limits real growth but many of its advocates would argue otherwise, this writer included.

However, there is one important area in our life when diversification is not only counter-productive, it is destructive – our faith.

A few weeks ago, I visited the beautiful home of a client. It was a nice place, well adorned and very functional – one that you would typically see in architecture magazines. However, there were adornments that caught my attention. In one corner, I saw a small altar with a crucifix displayed. On another part of the house stored some figures like Sto. Nino, Mother Mary and a saint or two. On another part of the house was bald and fat Buddha and a skinny bronze Buddha while on its opposite was some Chinese god of some sort and probably one that resembles Confucius. There were also some crystals that probably subscribes to some eastern pantheism or new age belief.

I have seen many houses like these and know of friends who live in those houses. I once asked a friend about the many idols in their home, and he was very coy in his answer… “para sigurado” (just to be sure)! Nice answer.

I respect the belief of others even if I do not agree with it. However, I also wonder about our commitment to our faith if we ‘diversify’ our beliefs. Some people I know genuinely believes in God and its trinity, yet they also subscribe to some other practices or beliefs because “wala naman mawawala” (we don’t loose anything). My view is simple, if I really belief in my God then I also believe in his glory and power, omniscient, omnipotent and all that. My logic will dictate that I should put my faith on Him and only Him; doing otherwise will be a contradiction of my own belief. If I contradict my own belief, that is also saying that I contradict my own self. Bible says it simply “You shall have no other gods before me.” (Exodus 20:3).

If I am to put my faith in my God, I will do so completely. If not, why believe in a god who you think is inadequate for you in the first place? My simplistic logic is this: if I believe that there is a super entity that created me and everything around me, I must believe in its power and glory completely. If I believe in such an entity, I must put my faith in Him and I must try to know Him as much as I can so that I may know what He expects of me. If He is an all powerful entity as I believe Him to be, then logic also tells me that I should not challenge his righteousness.

If you believe in God, get to know Him better. Best way to know Him is by praying to Him and reading His word, the Bible. As you get to know Him better, you will understand his infinitude nature with His unbelievable love for you.

Diversify your money but stick to one God. There is only one God.


4 thoughts on “When diversification does not work”

  • Sir Randell, thank you for this blog! Truly, our Faith on HIM should not be “diversified”. For HE and HIS WORDS alone are The WAY, The TRUTH and The LIFE, no other than. I am so Blessed by your encouragement & enlightenment for us. So much THANKS!

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When diversification does not work