What are you thankful for 2009?

By Randell Tiongson on December 27th, 2009

2009 was a challenging year to me and yet I have so much to be thankful to the Lord for.

What about you? What are you thankful about? Let’s hear them!


10 thoughts on “What are you thankful for 2009?”

  • I thank the Lord for you Randell! Me and my family has been so much blessed by the friendship we found in you and Mia…

    Thank you so much for the inspiration, the encouragement and the advises you have unselfishly shared with me and Nathan; moreso, with Paul! You are one of the best gifts God has given us in 2009… Praise the Lord.

    May God richly bless you and your family!

  • Hi Loida, thank you for your kind words. Knowing your family is likewise a great blessing in 2009. God bless all of us!

  • I’m thankful for the work that God is doing in my family, your family, Lysa and Jason’s and Lynne’s. May God use us mightily and enable us to lead the rest of our siblings and Daddy to the Lord this 2010.

  • As if you read my mind, this quote is how I will describe this year: “2009 was a challenging year to me and yet I have so much to be thankful to the Lord for.”

  • Bro Randell Tiongson!
    I am thankful to the Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior and my Living God, for using me to spread the good news among people, here, there and everywhere.
    Marvelously He provided me the Holy Spirit to bear fruits.
    Let us spread the relationship that Jesus Christ started 33 years while on earth.

  • Thanks for the breath of life… The hope amidst the chaos and fear… The abundance in the midst of scarcity…the love and life bestowed by Him and the majestic glory we shared in Him… The family we have and the opportunity to express one’s self without presecution – at this time…Amen

  • Very thankful to the Creator… that me and my family are still alive and safe despite numerous challenges… especially “Ondoy”… we were spared.

  • Catching up on blog-reading. That includes you, Randell. Let me add my 2-centavos on what I’m thankful for last year: “my failures.”

    I am thankful that I’ve learned a whole, dang lot for many of the failed projects, businesses, moments in relationships, assumptive ways of doing things, and personal finance (yes, you got that right!).

    However, I am also very thankful to God and “real” friends that they were there when I needed help from these failures, including moments of bliss (after the fire) even if were just mere minutes, consolation, mentoring, a little bit of financial support, a shoulder to lean on (hey, men don’t cry – LOL!), many ears to listen through my diatribe. Humility, sincerity, agape love, consolation – a lot of these and similar emotions have made me closer to God and to people I knew were my friends and other who I thought were not.

    Today, I look forward to 2010, knowing more of what my life should be, must be and has to be. My failures last year taught me a lot and I will carry those lessons forever in my life.

    Love, peace and good tidings to you and your family, Randell.

  • @ Raffy — challenges are opportunities for you to personally witness God’s glory. Praying for you bro! All the best for 2010.

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What are you thankful for 2009?