We do what we have to do

By Randell Tiongson on October 9th, 2014


yes-we-canIt’s been a long time since I last wrote a blog – my talks, seminars and publishing my 3rd book (Money Manifesto) has made it challenging for me to update my website. But, I love blogging and there have been people asking me to blog more often and when there is an opportune to do so, I will take – like now.

As I write this blog, I am sipping peppermint tea (cutting down on my coffee addiction), in a mall in Dubai, UAE. In a few hours, I will be speaking to our dear OFWs in Dubai and teach them about the value of estate planning. Tonight’s talk is my 7th of 11 talks in a 14 day sojourn in 3 cities in the middle east: Doha, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Despite nursing a throat problem since last week, I am so energize to continue with my mission to enable Pinoys everywhere to achieve their goals and dreams. I must admit, however, that I find it difficult to be away from my wife and kids this long… I am just consoled that in a few days, I will be reunited with them and that the work I do has an impact to others, one way or another.

We do what we have to do. That’s my take whenever I am put in a place out of my comfort zone and experience some inconveniences. Counting my blessings helps me get through the things I do but at the end of the day, we just need to do what we have to do… just like the many OFWs I have been interacted with since last week. The capacity of the Pinoy to endure difficulties is truly incredible and they do so without becoming cynical or even bitter. When I talk to our Pinoys everywhere, whether they are in Dubai, Doha, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul or Paris and start talking about the difficulties they endure on a daily basis, they will all answer me that they just do what they have to do.

The same attitude of just doing it is something we teach everyone with when it comes to personal finance. Work hard, budget well, get out of debt and investing for the future is not really an elusive goal if we just do what we have to do. We work well despite our circumstances and we do not let the hardships of life prevent of us from living our life. We can use that same resilience in the way we handle our lives with the way we handle our money.  We need to look at proper spending and saving as something we just have to do despite our difficult situation and we can do so if we are reminded that when we do what we have to do, we don’t have to do what we don’t like to do in the future like worrying.

I am truly blessed and inspired by the many Pinoys I meet all over the world and I will continue to teach as many of them as I can, despite the odds; and I am sure they will become more and more enabled despite their situation. We just need to do what we have to do.




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  • Hi Randell,

    Hey how are you? You’ve come a long way since our batch 7 RFP in Philamlife 2004…it has been 10 years now…I felt it was just yesterday…I read every now & then your blog, writings & input in your website & emails…You know I am also doing the same thing on my own tru my clients, toastmasters group wherever I’m invited..Being a trainer myself before I joined Philamlife makes me always want to talk to public….how did you hurdle your way up to present, where you can confidently do what you are doing now? I’m sometimes restricted due to time because I’m maintaining my MDRT status…Please give feedback…thanks

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We do what we have to do