The Essentiality of Investing on Knowledge

By Randell Tiongson on March 14th, 2016

If a man empties his purse into his head no man can take it from him. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.’ – Benjamin Franklin

This is a longer version of the usual quote “An investment in knowledge…” The author expresses a straight forward saying, which means that there will be a great outcome if you start focusing on nurturing your intellectual being. You’ll gain a better understanding over some matters, and this is not something that anyone can take away from you.

This kind of investment is something that we tapped without noticing. But add a little consciousness to it and you’ll see its essentiality.


The essentiality today

In a recent study, 60 % of the Philippine population would be people of ages 30 and below, a portion of which are the millennials. From my past blog about “Personal Finance for Millennials,” 75% of the latter spends more on experience rather than material goods. They have this hardworking, motivated, “everything in an instant” attitude, that gives them a fast pace of knowing things.

Experiences correlate with knowledge as these two are the foundation of wisdom. It is not enough if you just know it without doing it, as the same goes to if you just do it and don’t learn from it.

But, millennial or not, all of us need to keep up with the changes and learn as much as we can.

Where to find them

The technological or digital age is our period where information is within grasp. The least we can do is to make the most out of it. With the aid of a powerful tool called the internet, we know that searching for what we need now can be done easily.

Whether it is searching for a nearby library, a current event, a technological advancement, socialize to learn, etc. it’s just one click away.

It’s a great way to start on consciously investing on knowledge for its compact-ability and multiple platform-compatibility. It gives you an experience where you’ll gain knowledge at ease. This article too, is a contributor to your intellect as it gives you an insight on the essentiality of the subject matter.

But, that is just one of the sources.

One of the most effective way of consciously finding an investment opportunity in both intellect and business setting is by attending business seminars and conferences, more specifically, in the field of finance. The eminent and selfless transfer of knowledge from one body to a numerous number of persons is a great opportunity to be a part of. The people who may came from different parts of the country, yet unifies them in a single interest that gives them a sense of belongingness. Those are some things that I have observed from numerous seminars and conferences that I have been on.

The bottom-line

Our brain works in many ways, and what we need is to give input for it to make it work with ease. Knowledge is an essential investment in your intellectual well-being. It takes you to a point of view with deeper understanding of a subject.

Also, it takes out the fear of the unknown. It brightens the grey areas of your thoughts and gives you a confidence boost on what you want to endeavor, especially in business. It can be really tricky for a person who doesn’t know much how business works rather than the principle of spending money to earn money.

Being financially knowledgeable is a great way for you to know how to intelligently cope up with the ups and downs of daily business operation; Trends that you can see fit to venture in to, in order to make your money grow while spending less; And how to make your money work for you.

You can start investing in knowledge now by attending the fourth install of my Investment conference dubbed as #iCon 2016 this coming May 28, 2016 at the SM Aura Samsung Hall in Taguig City.

Take part of this iCON-ic event as with a bigger innovation, we have gathered a stronger group of local finance authorities in the country to talk about basic finance and how the recent innovation affected the economy through Marvin Germo, one of the most passionate personal finance experts in the Philippines; Diwa Guinigundo, an economist and Deputy Governor of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas; Paulo Tibig, one of the most sought after professional speakers in the entrepreneurship community; Rex Mendoza, Founder and Managing Director of Rampver Financials and the most dynamic financial speakers in the Philippines; Jose Feron “Dodong” Cacanando, a businessman who owns Moriah Farms, Inc. and Karmel HA-Moriyah, Inc. and a truly inspiring business speaker; Valerie Pama, the President of Sun Life Asset Management, one of the country’s biggest mutual funds, and yours truly.

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The Essentiality of Investing on Knowledge