The Blue Chip Teachers

By Randell Tiongson on April 28th, 2011

Carlo Ople was an avid gamer who later found his niche in the internet arena. Today, he is the most recognized expert in Social Media Marketing and On Line Reputation Management. Carlo’s expertise allowed him to have a soaring career and a flourishing business that he is passionate about. Only in his 20s, Carlo Ople has achieved much and will continue to achieve more.

Paulo Tibig is widely known as the ‘Entrep Champ’. He started V Cargo, one of the country’s leading logistics and cargo company today in his early 20s. He became a millionaire before and a multi-millionaire before 40. One of Paulo’s advocacies is to teach the young Entrepreneurship.

Jaret Garcia is a college & semi-professional basketball player, one time DJ of RX 93.1 and now the President of his own large printing business. Jaret started a business during his student days and started earning substantial income before reaching 20. He has accomplished much despite being in his 20s today because he has passion.

Jayson Lo was a very young businessman who engaged in many endeavors – restaurant, catering, gift items, marketing, direct-selling and many more. He was no stranger to high income at a young age. Through the many years of experience, Jayson Lo found the true purpose of wealth and is now passionate in teaching people real value beyond profit. Jayson is a veteran in the speaking arena specializing in communication, leadership and finance.

Randell Tiongson is an advocate of Life and Personal Finance. He is one of the country’s leading trainers in the arena of personal finance and also a columnist of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Moneysense. An active blogger, Randell has used many mediums to teach the Philippine society on the many factors of personal finance – money management, insurance, investments and the like.

Catch all of them at BLUE CHIP: Finance & Entrepreneurship Program for the Youth. If you are between 13 to 20 years old or you have a child who is of that age, enrolling them to Blue Chip is one of the best investments you can ever make. Your P2,500.00 investment has exponential unlimited return for the future.

The program will teach them the rudiments of personal finance and entrepreneurship through interactive lectures and real testimonies from the experiences of the speakers.

Hurry, limited slots left. Blue Chip runs only once a year. To register, email Jen Magalong at[email protected] or call her at 0939 117 7856


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