The 25 year cost of an ‘innocent’ addiction, part 2

By Randell Tiongson on January 21st, 2010

… con’t.

Let me try to quantify the 25 year cost of my subtle addiction on diet sodas. Let us assume that the cost of a can of soda today is P25.00 and on an average and I consume 2 cans a day (I go more than that). Let us also assume that the price of soda goes up by an average of 6% and the cost of money will be also at 6%. For 25 years, my addiction to diet soda will look like this:

Year Unit Price Annual Cost Accumulated Cost
1 25.00 18,250.00 18,250.00
2 26.50 19,345.00 39,850.70
3 28.09 20,505.70 63,977.78
4 29.78 21,736.04 90,856.66
5 31.56 23,040.20 120,730.67
6 33.46 24,422.62 153,862.49
7 35.46 25,887.97 190,535.49
8 37.59 27,441.25 231,055.34
9 39.85 29,087.73 275,751.66
10 42.24 30,832.99 324,979.73
11 44.77 32,682.97 379,122.46
12 47.46 34,643.95 438,592.39
13 50.30 36,722.59 503,833.87
14 53.32 38,925.94 575,325.40
15 56.52 41,261.50 653,582.12
16 59.91 43,737.19 739,158.46
17 63.51 46,361.42 832,651.07
18 67.32 49,143.10 934,701.83
19 71.36 52,091.69 1,046,001.13
20 75.64 55,217.19 1,167,291.42
21 80.18 58,530.22 1,299,370.94
22 84.99 62,042.04 1,443,097.75
23 90.09 65,764.56 1,599,394.05
24 95.49 69,710.43 1,769,250.75
25 101.22 73,893.06 1,953,732.43

What seems to be just a liking to soda will have a huge monetary impact to me. Not to mention the medical ailments associated to my ‘innocent’ addiction. No one will think that drinking 2 cans of soda a day will amount to almost 2 Million bucks in 25 years. Here’s the kicker, I’ve been drinking sodas far longer than 25 years and far more than 2 cans a day!

The same principle can be applied to other ‘innocent’ addictions too like coffee, iced tea, snacks, shopping, etc. While there is nothing really wrong about these addictions per se, the question that one should ask is if it is really a wise thing to do? When we experience some financial constrictions in our lives or when we are faced with financial emergencies, we can think back about our ‘innocent’ addictions and reassess if they were indeed ‘innocent’.

Indulging isn’t really wrong as we all need to enjoy life. The question we need to ponder on is the cost of our enjoyment – if it’s not going to hurt your family, health, wallet and your relationship with God, go for it. If it will, think about it and apply wisdom.

Here are 2 verses from the Bible I want to leave you with, read it and think about it hard:

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; – 1 Corinthians 6:19

“Everything is permissible”—but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible”—but not everything is constructive. – 1 Corinthians 10:23


13 thoughts on “The 25 year cost of an ‘innocent’ addiction, part 2”

  • Absolutely right, Randell.

    I drink about 5-6 cans of Diet Coke a day.

    For 30-35 years.

    But it’s better than smoking.

    Will pack a case of Diet Coke into my coffin.

  • Rev. PTR.Randell Tiongson, good day! Praise the Lord.
    I did not have the chance to read part 1, but certainly it is a practical way that benefits both physical, financial and Spritual aspect.
    How I wish you can provide me the first series, it too important that this material for teaching especially those that mis-used their talents and gift from the Lord.
    Purpose # 5, why we are here on Earth is spreading the good news ( Gospel )Evangilizing,
    why then can’t we use the social networking or texting in doing the agenda and will of God?
    It’s still related to 1 Cor.10:23; non-beneficial
    and non productive.
    Immanuel! Shalom!

    bro. ramon

  • Many will argue that cost and worth are entirely different; that the cost of so called “innocent” pleasures does not necessarily relate or reflect it’s worth. However, I like the parameters by which you recommend people should consider: family, health, wallet and God. It may be safe to assume that there is a good number of our population that tend to justify their “innocent” pleasures as something that they cannot live without; without much thought about the parameters you have mentioned. Kudos to your continuous drive in spreading the good news, and the path to a good life!

  • The high accummulated cost that a person may have spent for something after a long period of time may at times give us, or in the eyes of other people, the feeling of guilt such as the case shared here.

    Sometimes, on reflection, that’s just about it. Spendng money, say for food satisfaction isn’t evil per se. If one enjoys doing it, go ahead, enjoy it, that’s the beauty of life.

    There are people who are happy in a simple lifestyle who spend less even if they have more resources than others. And there are people whose happiness is achieved by drinking soda instead of water or less costly products. That is absolutely OK.

    There are those who get satisfaction if they drink two instead of just one bottle a day. There is absolutely nothing wrong about that as long as one could afford and inspires himself.

    Computing the costs, while it may benefit a person in many respects, especially to achieve his self- financial discipline habits, is not by the way, the only formula to achieve financial freedom or to maintain financial security. Nor, is it necessarily a measure whether a person is financially responsible or not. A person has worked hard to allow him to buy the things that can make him happy. Give him that freedom and make him happy.

    On the other hand, there are some people who refuse to spend what they have because they just want to save and save and save their money. Before they know it they are already too old to enjoy their hard-earned wealth. These people don’t spend not necessarily because they seriously think about their future but because of greed for themselves and for others. They want to embrace their money. They want to sleep with their money. They want to regularly check the constant high figures in their fat bank accounts. Why ? Because they love their money so much that they want to let it go. Hmmm, that is so scary. So greed….. So the next time you buy your favorite soda drink, don’t feel guilty about it.

    All of us are privileged to enjoy life where God expected us to be. God is not greed. He wants man to be happy. Let us enjoy life. This is what are we are here for. . . . . To be useful and be happy.


  • @ IR

    “Indulging isn’t really wrong, as we all need to enjoy life, too. But what we really need to think about is the cost of our enjoyment; if it’s not going to hurt your family, health, wallet and your relationship with God, go for it. If it will, think about it and apply wisdom.”

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The 25 year cost of an ‘innocent’ addiction, part 2