The 12 Most Influential People in Personal Finance

By Randell Tiongson on August 19th, 2011

Moneysense, the country’s first and only Personal Finance magazine recently listed the 12 most influential people in personal finance. I was surprised to see my name as one of the 12 because the list includes really powerful and much respected individuals.

It felt surreal to be part of such an illustrious list but I am nonetheless honored. Clearly, the hand of the Lord is at work for this accolade.



The list includes:

1.   The Lawmaker: EDGARDO J. ANGARA (Philippine Senator)

2.   The Regulator: AMANDO TETANGCO (Central Bank Governor)

3.   The Treasurer: ROBERTO B. TAN (Treasurer of the Philippines)

4.   The Adviser: EFREN LL. CRUZ (Pwede Na! Author & Investments Guru)


6.   The Director: HENRY ONG (Head of the Registered Financial Planner & others)

7.   The Moderator: JAMES RYAN JONAS (Pinoy Money Talk)

8.   The Blogger: FITZ VILLAFUERTE (Ready to be Rich Blog)


10. The Enabler: JESUS P. TAMBUNTING (Planters Development Bank)

11. The Stock Broker: CONRADO F. BATE (Citiseconline)

12. The Insurer: RIZALINA G. MANTARING (Sun Life Financial)

Grab a copy of the July-August issue of Moneysense to read about why they think the 12 deserves to be part of the list.


11 thoughts on “The 12 Most Influential People in Personal Finance”

  • You deserve it Sir Randell!!! I’ve been following you since your stint in Business Mirror, Philippine Star and The Philippine Daily Inquirer even in Money Sense. It’s time to come up with a book Sir Randell. God bless!!!

  • Congratulations, Randell. I believe your focus + sincerity in advocating “personal finance” is due the accolade from Moneysense.

    Just call me for the celebratory party (LOL!)

  • I’m not surprised to see your name Sir, you’re truly influential.. Btw, I love your 12 Easy Steps to Financial Wellness on the UCC Vision Logbook 2011.. Hope to see you again soon.. 🙂

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The 12 Most Influential People in Personal Finance