Starting in real-estate investing

By Randell Tiongson on April 14th, 2014

wpid-gold-real-estate3A lot of people would want to invest in real estate and yet many are wondering the right way to do so. Carl Dy, an experienced real-estate investor and one of the leading resources on real-estate investing gives you a few tips that will make you understand how to build your wealth through the use of properties.


One of the paths to take to becoming wealthy is to make your money work as hard as you do. There is one thing that both the rich and the poor have equal amounts of. That is time, we all have 24 hours a day, and how much money you make (and save) in that daily 24 hour cycle will determine how early you are able to reach your financial goal.

With that in mind, they key strategy is to make sure you maximize your 24-hour cycle and create as much income stream as you can. You can categorize your income stream in 2 main categories: Man at Work, and Money at Work.

Man at work obviously refers to what you do with your physical self. Your talents, skills and creativity in being a solution to a problem allow you to charge a certain fee. This can be in the form of your salary or business profits.

Money at work refers to your money kept in a product that gives you a certain amount in return or simply put, what we call investments. This can be your investment in bank products, in equities, in a business, in bonds and in real property. The speed at which money is given back to you is what we call rate of return.

Property has been known to be a classic and proven product that gives a good return on your investment. Ask your elders about the price of the land in which you live now and compare it to how it was priced before. It would have most likely gone up double, triple or 10 times the original price depending on how far back in time you compare the prices to.

How do you get started in investing in real estate? Here are 4 major steps that you should go through, to get yourself familiarized before you make your first purchase:


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  • Very informative steps! That’s right. I agree that when purchasing and investing in real estate, you should compare the current price to the price before.

  • Very impressive points! I agree, you shouldn’t just work and work. You should have the skills to manage your money and increase it.

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Starting in real-estate investing