Reflections on the SONA 2013

By Randell Tiongson on July 22nd, 2013

To be honest, I never really paid much attention to the State of the Nation address of the Presidents. The last administration’s SONA were full of ambiguity and questionable claims. Lately, the SONA of President Noynoy has been something I have been paying attention to and for the first time in decades, I actually listened to it live as it was happening. I’ve actually participated in the SONA this year by posting some of my thoughts through my twitter account (@randelltiongson).

Sona 2013

It was nice to hear the accomplishments of the President for the year that has passed and I am eager to see many of the plans unfolding which will bring the country to a better situation and environment. There are many things that this present administration that needs to be addressed and with only 3 more years in his term. the President must accomplish much.

There are many gains in this administration and there are 2 giant accomplishments that ┬áthis administration has been able to accomplish – a drastic reduction of systemic corruption (still far from ideal) and our investment grade status. The nation’s economy has been on an over-drive and it’s about time. Inclusive growth however, seems to be still elusive but I am realistic enough to know that it will take a long time. What I like with this administration is that he seems to be genuinely sincere in leaving a better government for the the next President, like history repeating itself.

Many things needs to be addressed still such as generation of more jobs and better jobs at that. Only when we can have more and better employment can we really say that there is inclusive growth.

I am hopeful for the next 3 years of this administration but even the President understands his limitations. It is my belief that we need to support the President in his reforms and that we need to constantly pray for him and the nation. The Bible says “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” – Psalm 33:12, NIV

I’ve also asked the thoughts of my friend Dr. Alvin Ang, President of the Philippine Economic Society and this is what his views are:

“PNoy’s 4th SONA is a Call for Contribution. ‘Makiambag sa Solusyon.’ There are no direct allusion to the economy except that there are current efforts though not seen that are happening such as job creation in technical skills and the exportation of rice.”

“Infrastructure that are correctly priced and of quality are the order of the day. They may be causing delays but transparency will make sure that things are right. Overall, the warning about those who continue to defy the Matuwid na Daan is an admission that overall change takes time.”

“This President indeed means business and he is doing things navigating through the democratic process. This is great encouragement for me as a Filipino.”

Let us pray as a nation for the nation.


6 thoughts on “Reflections on the SONA 2013”

  • I am so happy that the economy is doing well under PNoy’s administration. I just hope that it will continue or I hope that it’ll be much better.

  • I just read the entire SONA of the President and also made a short post in my blog. Indeed the Filipino people should start realizing that the change we are dreaming of can be achieve if we ourselves act as one and start contributing rather than complaining, not caring, and worst being the problem.

    We can do this, we can be a better nation at par or even above the nations who were once below us but are now far better than us. It is unfortunate that corruption wasted decades but now that it has finally turned around lets support this movement and be a better nation that we ought to be.

  • I cannot react to anything about the sona 2013. As a teacher I listened to sonas whether I do like or do not like the president. I used the message in my class. This is the first time I failed to listen. We had a local brownout . Meralco was slow in fixing the cut wire due to a tree the hit it. My Internet is slow today so unable to download the full message. I went to Manila last Wednesday but sidetracked due to erap’s no bus entry movement. My travel time of 1.5 hr became 3 hr. I was so ” Inis”

    However , CCF prays for the president and all government officials for health, protection , wisdom and righteousness.

  • I agree with you Sir Randell when you said that PNoy is genuinely sincere in leaving a better government for the the next President. I also agree with Dr. Alvin Ang’s comment that we should also be doing our part to help the President in bringing our country to the next level.

    I’m also excited that Moody is now reviewing Philippines Investment Grade Status. This is, for me, one of the great accomplishment of this administration.

  • President Pnoy must have a solid and credible “blueprint” to make this nation of ours great overall whether economically, militarily, and culturally. He must not only focus entirely on persecuting political enemies for corruption but that’s just one part of the whole process. He must also be fair and a president for all. He must also address and accept the reality of the fact that his own team’s “Tuwid Na Daan” is marred with some people involved in what he was known to fight hard for–corruption. Running a country is not just a walk in the park and talking about heavens when the reality is as clear as crystal: a lot of the Filipino people is still submerged in the mud of poverty. To say that the country’s economy has been slightly become better under his administration is fine, but the country needs more from what a competent leader can do to overhaul it for the better without any excuse.

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Reflections on the SONA 2013