What I picked up from the RFP Financial Fitness Forum

By Randell Tiongson on May 5th, 2013

RFP Financial FitnessI had the honor of hosting the first RFP Financial Fitness Forum earlier and it was such a good program that I learned and re-learned much from the best minds of the Registered Financial Planner Institute. Kudos to Henry Ong and the RFP team for enlightening over 300 participants of the forum.

Instead of doing a summary of the forum, I will re-post below all the posts I made through my twitter which highlights a lot of the learning I picked up. I used the hash tag #rfpfinancialfitness as well. Here goes!


Efren Cruz cites dangers of all the euphoria in our investments environment, too much hot money vs. low foreign direct investments.

“Stocks cannot continue to defy gravity.” – Efren Cruz 

“Nobody is brilliant in a bull market.” – Efren Cruz

“Our stock prices are now overpriced.” – Efren Cruz

“Pag mas malaki ang discretionary income, mas better ang life.” – Efren Cruz

“Before investing your money, start financial planning first.”

Efren Cruz talks about his free personal finance app, now available at symbian and android and soon for iOs. Exciting!

“Giving a financial plan is serious business.” Efren Cruz

@pesosandsense Aya Laraya gives #rfpfinancialfitness participants an update of the investment markets.

“It will take years before we will feel the benefits of our economic growth & investment grade.” Aya Laraya

“Invest in businesses you understand.” Aya Laraya

“Before investing in a fund, you should read the prospectus.” Aya Laraya

“Long-term is a strategy, not an excuse to delay a bad decision.” Aya Laraya

“Price and earnings will ultimately meet.” – Aya Laraya

“Re BLOOM, after all the pr and hype, can they deliver?” Aya Laraya

“PLDT as a stock is still cheap.” Aya Laraya

Banking is good business, making them good stock picks.

Banking stocks are good because they benefit from strong inflows plus low interest rates as consumers may be encouraged to buy more.

The investment grade will most likely attract Foreign Direct Investments.

“If you want to enter the stock matket for short term gains, don’t.” Aya Laraya

“Aral muna bago invest.” Aya Laraya

“Only 1 out of 10 Filipinos enjoy their retirement.”

“Before investing, know your investment goals first.”

Some people spend a lot of time & energy trying to find the best investment; ignoring the more fundamental issues in finance.

We need to upgrade our financial education because we are now in a new world & a new world requires new solutions.

“People spend faster today.” – Noel Arandilla

“Everything is changing except our financial strategies.” Noel Arandilla

“We are expecting to see about 40,000 OFWs in Singapore to lose their jobs this year.” Noel Arandilla

“2 problems in life: We live too long or we die to soon.” – Noel Arandilla

“Poverty is not lack of time, it is mismanaged time. It is not lack of money, it is mismanaged money.” Noel Arandilla

“A credit card is not an emergency fund, it’s only for convenience.” – Salve Duplito

“The stock market earned 32% in 2012 & 24% in 5 months in 2013.” – Marvin Germo

“It’s never too late to invest.” – Marvin Germo

“My goals are more important than my investments.” – Marvin Germo

“Your wealth should also last in bear markets.” – Marvin Germo

“Stay in the market until you hit your goal.” – Marvin Germo

“When investing, stick to your own conviction.” – Marvin Germo

“Aanhin mo ang pera kung wala ka namang love life.” – Marvin Germo

“I always put a specific amount on regular intervals.” – Marvin Germo

“I pick stocks both for short term and long term.” – Marvin Germo

“If the stock is making money, price will always follow ultimately.” – Marvin Germo

“Don’t diversify too much, 4-7 stocks in any given time.” – Marvin Germo

“Where the money is flowing, follow it.” – Marvin Germo

“Pag umaakyat ang market dapat umaakyat din economy.” – Marvin Germo

“I’m bullish on bank stocks like BDO & EastWest Bank.” – Marvin Germo

“Will the stock market crash? My answer is no.” – Ricky So

“Why invest in the Philippines? Because it’s our country. When we invest here, our market will be less dependent on hot money.” – Marvin Germo

“Hope without analysis won’t get you anywhere.” – Marvin Germo

“The worst thing that you can do is buy something just because someone told you.” – Marvin Germo

“BSP sees a moderate & benign inflation of about 3 to 3.5% for the Philippines.” – Rienzie Biolena

“When you’re young you can invest in equities because if you lose money, you still have your parents.” Ricky So – funny guy!


There were so much more learning but it was hard listening, taking down notes, tweeting, taking photos and hosting all at the same time so this will do for now. 

The next event you should not miss is iCon 2013: The No Nonsense Investments Conference on June 22 at the SMX! Click HERE.








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  • Thanks for posting this recap here! I was there yesterday and had a lot of fun. Learned so much from the speakers and you are a great, super funny host 🙂 I hope this becomes an annual event. I’ll see you, Efren, and Marvin again at iCon 2013!

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What I picked up from the RFP Financial Fitness Forum