Philippines no longer the sick man of Asia

By Randell Tiongson on August 22nd, 2012

There has been much buzz about the Philippines lately, especially in the economic front. Solid data shows that a country once tagged as the ‘sick man of Asia’ is now a country poised to lead in economic growth.

While there are much issues the country needs to resolve, it is encouraging to finally see our beloved nation recover and grow further.

Watch this video and feel Pinoy pride!


4 thoughts on “Philippines no longer the sick man of Asia”

  • Its nice to hear that our economy is getting better. But I am just wondering what will be the impact of this Philippines economy to our BPO industry especially with the foreign exchange rate since we know the Philippines is an export country?

  • These are very encouraging reports from all sectors of our economy. It seems that our economic growth rests in capable hands helping the President.
    With the right mindset, talen , infrastructure, support , and by the grace of God, there is no reason the Philipines should be behind any other Asian country in achieving prosperity and peace .

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Philippines no longer the sick man of Asia