On Inception, part 2

By Randell Tiongson on July 25th, 2010

.. con’t.

Here are some hard to swallow facts as well: the level of savings of Pinoys are well below many of our neighbors, consumer debt is rising in an alarming rate, we are not preparing for retirement, number of people with financial investments or insurance remains to be one of the lowest in Asia – in short, the average Pinoy is not prepared for the future. The growing number of seminars and books on personal finance is encouraging because it really does make a lot of sense. However, it is also discomforting at the same time because we need to tell people what they should already know for themselves already. Sometimes I find it silly that people need to be ‘tricked’ by many mindset alteration and motivational gimmickry just for them to be responsible enough to handle their finances. People are being duped that there is a secret to achieving wealth and financial freedom through the internet, seminars, speakers, books and all that. Just like Inception, many of today’s folks need to escape into fantasy land for them to achieve some peace. They spend like there’s no tomorrow and when they realize that they are headed south, they frantically grasp on illusions like new age hogwash or believe some individual who claims to unlock the ‘secrets’.

We need to wake up to our reality that we are responsible for the actions we take in personal finance and in life in general — and that’s the reality! There is no secret to achieving financial freedom and there is no short-cut – it is a process and we build it little by little by the actions we take. There’s no substitute to industriousness, prudence and discipline, to believe otherwise is full of folly.

In life, we can take the road of dreams but the fact remains that we need to wake up at some point. Take a hold of reality and be deliberate in the path we take. Work hard, be disciplined and put your faith in the source of real happiness, Jesus Christ – that’s a reality that will always be better than any dream.


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  • I havent watch inception but i agree with you that a lot of people are being too lazy to wake up to the reality that sooner or later, their savings will be depleted if they wont put savings to their habit. They want to dwell on the fact that they are still young and still have a lot of years to take their own time. Even if they have people around them who are currently suffering from diseases and financial losses, they are still in deep sleep and wont wake up and do something about their finances. Well, i hope its not too late for most of them.

  • Yes I agree with you. And true enough people have to learn to save and only spend what is necessary, basic things in life that is. That also reminds me of that parable of the talent in gospel of Matthew 25:14-30, that we have to be good stewards of our God – given gifts and one of those gifts is the gift of money, to keep, to use it wisely as a means of service and make it grow. Hi Randell, I wanted to ask you an advise, what can you recommend to me for reading so that I could learn money sense (just like when we try to practice common sense) and learn the language regarding money matters. I am actually attending the RFP course this coming october 2, 2010. I actually want to practice as a financial planner/adviser. Math was never my cup of tea during my school days but I am willing to learn the ropes of this business. Thanks for the advise. God bless.

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On Inception, part 2