Noynoy and the economy

By Randell Tiongson on February 6th, 2012

How did Noynoy handle the economy in 2011? Many things happened that contributed to slowing of a much needed economic growth – Japan earthquake, Eurozone debt crisis, etc. However, it will seem that the Aquino government also played a big role in the lack-luster economic performance.

I encountered a very interesting yet simplified explanation on what really happened to our economy under Noynoy in 2011. Thanks to for this nice and insightful video. Watch this…


4 thoughts on “Noynoy and the economy”

  • is this not a case of damn-if-you-do damn-if-you-don’t? i mean, if noynoy’s new admin spent much critics could have said it’s tending towards corruption; spending so much in so short a time. now that it seems being too careful, still, critics are not pleased and now blaming the admin that it is spending too little. neverthless, i really hope the admin does better this year….with our help.

  • very nice video. very well explained. it all boils down to what his former teacher told her, “it’s the economy student!”

  • Philippine economy may have slowed down in 2011 but it is regaining momentum now, and this is happening despite the current economic crisis on the outside world. This is due to the healthy economic fundamentals which is in place and the rise on investors’ confidence.

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Noynoy and the economy