Men, take control

By Randell Tiongson on February 18th, 2011

I have often been asked the question: “who should handle the finances of the family?.” Is it the husband or is it the wife? The ‘politically-correct’ answer is ‘it depends’. You will hear many people; even so-called experts say that the handling of the money should be done by the spouse who is better at it. Our Filipino culture has actually been leaning towards the wife in the handling of the family finances. I grew up in such an arrangement where my late Mom handled the family finances; my late Lola also handled their finances and these two ladies were really good at such. So what am I writing about? There is a difference between handling the finances and controlling them. I am not trying to espouse chauvinism but my stand is the men should lead the control of the finances. Handling is largely about management, setting budgets, expending, balancing the check book and the like – this can be seen as a tactical directive. Control on the other hand is more on determining … Read complete blog at Act Like a Man


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Men, take control