Life Insurance and World War II

By Randell Tiongson on July 25th, 2012

Financial services companies, especially life insurance companies are not known for good advertising or branding campaigns. Time was, all you see is their logo or some ad that talks about their services. Worse, many of these companies advertisements are usually a newspaper spread on who their top agents for the year or a recently concluded contest — yeah, that’s going to sell more insurance — not! From a purely marketing and advertising perspective, life insurance is not your bench-mark when it comes to hi-impact promotions.

When I saw this short film, I take it back. This is a very good way to talk about a brand. Good one Sun Life, I hope this endeavor will make Pinoys appreciate life insurance better. I think the ante is up — looks like we will see better campaigns from other insurers too.. and hopefully, banks too!


3 thoughts on “Life Insurance and World War II”

  • thanks for the post, Randell….i saw 1945 this morning and i am proud to work with a company that honours its commitment when it is needed the most–this was taken from the archives of Sun Life and was based on a true story…..

  • Many insurance company now has many different way to promote their company. there is television advertisement, social networking site. it is good because many viewers and internet users will see that and hope that they will join to invest in an insurance company. In joining or investing in insurance you must sure that you invested your money in an accessible and trustworthy company like Philippine Prudential so that you are sure to their services and you will get back your money higher.

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Life Insurance and World War II