Level Up Master Class for Financial Advisors

By Randell Tiongson on July 3rd, 2021

If you are a graduate of my Master Class, it’s time for another upgrade! I am pleased to announce my Level Up Master Class for Financial Advisors this August 2021.

This program is designed to further enhance the competency of the financial advisor by covering important topics that were not included in the basic level Master Class but are just as essential in practice of financial advisory.

Session 1: Level Up Sales for Financial Advisors

Session 2: Financial Behaviors

Session 3: Essentials of Stock Market Investing

Session 4: Introduction to Cryptocurrency Investing

Session 5: Strategic Investing and Asset Allocation

Session 6: Retirement Planning

Session 7: Microeconomics of Competitiveness

Session 8: Thriving in the High Net Worth Market

Session 9: Developing the Entrepreneurial Mind

Session 10: Preparing a Financial Plan

Joining the roster of the moderators are leading experts in their respective fields: Jayson Lo (Financial Behaviors), Marvin Germo (Stock Market), Philip Hagedorn (Investments) Nichel Gaba (Cryptocurrency), Dodong Cacanando (Entrepreneurship), Dr. Alvin Ang (Economics), Rex Mendoza (Wealth Management) and myself.

This program is exclusive to the graduates of my first Master Class.

All Level Up Master Class session will be on-line and will run from 7:00pm to 9:00pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

The learning fee for all the 10 game changing sessions is only P8,000.00, unbelievable value for a program such as this. An early bird rate of only P5,500.00 will be available until July 15, 2021.

Registration for this Level Up Master Class is via https://bit.ly/LevelUpMasterClass2021


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Level Up Master Class for Financial Advisors