If you missed out before, don’t miss out this time (part 2)

By Randell Tiongson on August 1st, 2009

… con’t.

Life is not unfair because it always gives us second chances — yes, even in personal finance matters. It is never too late to change the way we do things and although it will result to a lot of sacrifices, those sacrifices will come to pass. We can take control of our financial destiny by making critical changes in the way we do things. Change is not easy and for most of us, change is painful. Here’s a thought: the pain that we will feel if we don’t change will eventually become much more painful that the pain we will feel with the change.

Change becomes easier if we take baby steps but there are some changes that we need to do that we have to do abruptly. If there’s one thing that we need to do ‘cold-turkey’, it’s the way we spend our money. The formula is very simple: spend less than what you make! There’s no magic formula, it really is as simple as that. People are always intrigued at how the rich became rich thinking that there’s got to be some secret. Here’s the real secret… there is no secret! Don’t be fooled into thinking that if you think the way rich people think, you will be rich – it is not a mind issue, it’s a heart issue. If you want to be rich, don’t think the way rich people think – do what the rich people do and that is, they spend less than what they make.

There is still time for us to put our financial life in order if we start today. The longer we wait, the more difficult and painful it will be. The reason we are where we are right now is because of the person you see in the mirror. Getting out of our financial woes will not be because of a best-selling author, not a savvy financial practitioner, not an inspirational speaker, not your spiritual leader, not your parents, not your boss, not Oprah, not the universe. The one that can get you out of your woes is the person you see in the mirror, with the grace of the Lord.

Speaking of missing an opportunity, I was reminded of something I almost missed out on when I attended the Victory Christian Fellowship’s 25th anniversary last week. 25 years ago, the founders of this movement where in the University Belt area trying to reach out to students who are in the midst of a lot of strife and uncertainties. I was there but I missed out, totally unaware of a great opportunity for me to experience a life that would have made me live a much better life. But life is fair because the seeds that were planted 25 years ago eventually reached me 23 years after, and I finally live a life that brings real joy. Coincidentally, my spiritual awakening coincides with my financial restoration – this is not a mere twist of fate.

The blunders in my financial past allowed me to learn painful lessons that prepared me into the financial warfare that I am waging now. My misguided spiritual life also allowed me to realize the beauty of living a life of victory. I finally realized something too… Christ came for people like me – Jesus answered them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.” (Luke 5:31, NIV)


5 thoughts on “If you missed out before, don’t miss out this time (part 2)”

  • Hi Randell.

    Some tenets of change that I believe in:

    Change won’t go away; it will only go faster.
    Change isn’t trouble-free.
    Each one (and all) of us are accountable to change.

  • “The one that can get you out of your woes is the person you see in the mirror, with the grace of the Lord.”

    – How true. Great insights, Randell! I thoroughly enjoyed learning from your entry 🙂

  • Back to basics…as they say. But never get enough of God’s amazing surprises because of faith plus action in one.!!!:)

  • Yup, you can say that again! We missed out on somethings but it also happens for a reason. Great blog! I’m proud of you.

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If you missed out before, don’t miss out this time (part 2)