How BPO Employees Can Save and Invest

By Randell Tiongson on September 20th, 2015

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The business process outsourcing industry (BPO), especially IT-BPO, is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country, expected to earn $25 billion and generate 1.3 million new jobs by 2016. Many young people now work as BPO call center agents, earning more than the usual salary for other entry-level jobs. BPO agents and OFWs are now two pillars that hold up a significant portion of the Philippine economy.

Of course, the good pay comes at a price: working irregular shifts, having long working hours, and having to deal with irate customers. But the benefits are undeniable: besides the salary, many BPO agents are entitled to bonuses when they perform exceptionally.

With all this earning power, BPO employees should start building their financial future. Here are three ways BPO employees can grow their wealth:

  1. Automate your savings and investments.

Automation is a saver’s best friend, because why worry about saving when it can be taken care of automatically? Savings accounts like BPI’s Direct Save-Up will automatically take out a certain amount that you set from your payroll account, and move it to a savings account where it can gain interest. Even if you have it set to something as low as P1,000 every month, that’s still P12,000 you can save every year without even trying. Check your bank for similar products.

You can take it to the next level by investing a pre-determined amount in UITFs or mutual funds on a timeline of your choice. Ask your bank what your options are, and start putting a certain percentage of your income automatically towards investment. By automating your savings or investments, you can prepare for your financial future and you won’t even feel it.

  1. Save or invest 50% of your performance bonuses.

One big perk of working as a BPO employee are the generous bonuses given for outstanding performance. When you receive one of these, you should be proud! But before you spend all of it by treating all your co-workers and family members to an extravagant dinner, consider putting half of it in an investment like a UITF or to build up your emergency funds if you don’t have one yet. When you combine putting away some of your bonus with regular saving and investing, you’ll reach your financial goals faster.

Then, you can still use the leftover 50% of your bonus for shopping, entertainment, or whatever you want. So you can still enjoy your money and save at the same time.

  1. Invest in learning.

Many Filipinos don’t like trainings and seminars, and this is a big mistake. Always take the opportunity to learn more, either in your industry or in something else. When I was a young insurance agent, I took a special certification program being offered. Many people thought it was a waste of money and time in something they saw as useless. Instead, even if it wasn’t perfect, the program made me a better insurance agent and gave me a thirst to learn more, and I was able to improve my revenue as a direct result.

So seek out programs that will give you the skills to rise in your organization; even if you spend thousands of pesos on a good program, the return on your investment will pay off in exponential ways.

Being a BPO employee is hard work, so make your hard work pay off by making good financial decisions. And remember, saving doesn’t have to be a drag; if you do it right, you can save for your future and enjoy your extra income at the same time.

Make your sacrifices count!


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How BPO Employees Can Save and Invest