Honoring an important lady

By Randell Tiongson on October 11th, 2010

Today, my wife and I honor a very important lady that God blessed us with… our former boss, Ms. Amy Reyes.

About 17 years ago, my wife and I met Amy and she became one of our clients for our business (interior design/construction/furniture). As our project with her evolves, she started giving us good advise because she was a Certified Public Accountant and a Unit Manager in Sun Life then. She was able to convince me and my wife to try the insurance industry as a means to augment our falling income from a business that is draining us financially. After many months of trying to make our business work, I distinctly remember her talking to us about making a decision to close the business before it becomes worse than it already is. At that time, I really wanted for that business to work but she prevailed on me by making very logical arguments that were really financially sound.

Amy mentored me in many ways. From everything in the life insurance business to managing people,  leadership and her ideal professional ethics. When I was so engulfed in the business of making money out of selling insurance, she would gently remind me and say “Randell, mission first before commission”. Amy was also one of the very first persons who believed in me and started to trust me and always encouraging me. As a brash young adult then, it was a blessing having a seasoned mentor who would remind you to stay the course and not be drunk with whatever success you are presently experiencing. When the tides were low, she was always there encouraging me and my wife and helping us not lose hope.

Amy made us believe that we can be more than what we ever thought we can be. Always challenging us to take lead and doing better than what we have already accomplished. She not only ‘managed’ me, she c0-labored with me in many things that I had to do.

When the time came and our professional paths needed to go on different ways, she gave me her blessings and I knew she was praying for my successes in the new road I had to take.

Today, we remain to be dear friends and I am so happy to see how she has been growing financially, professionally and spiritually. She will always be our Tita Amy, a mentor, a co-worker, an adviser, a role model and a dear friend. Amy, we will not be where we are had the Lord did not put you in our lives.

Happy Birthday dear friend. We pray that Christ will always be in the center of your life. We love you!


5 thoughts on “Honoring an important lady”

  • “As a brash young adult then” — a nice, humbling realization here, Randell.

    I love mentors, don’t you? I think it’s the best way to share your value to the world.

  • @ Dodge, aside from the Lord, I really credit my mentors for making me who I am right now. I was blessed with having great mentors bro. And yes, I was such an arrogant and brash young adult way back. 🙂

  • Hello Randell,
    Thanks for all the informative emails your sending to your fans(of course including me). When I was in government service, I did’nt know anything about the real nature of business and entrepreneurship. With your frequent emails, I become educated in the financial world.
    Please continue the path you have chosen in helping your countrymen by sharing your skills and experiences to inspire them and make them financially literate.

    God bless,
    Joe Barbieto

  • i was assigned to read your blog to amy infront of the whole branch during our branch kick-off/ birthday celebration and as expected, amy cried. hehehe. your message was really hearth-warming. it touched us especially our “batchmates” in red robins. we appreciate amy more. she is truly a blessing. wonderful way to bless amy. good job bro. God bless you more!

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Honoring an important lady