Hong Kong and the OFW’s, here I come

By Randell Tiongson on October 1st, 2009

In a few hours, I’ll be making my first overseas speaking engagement. The OWWA and the Ople Center have asked me to do financial literacy talks for the OFW’s today and Sunday at Hong Kong.

Financial literacy for the OFW’s have been in my heart for many years. Our “bagong bayani”, just like the rest of the Filipino population will really benefit from a better grasp on money education. Studies will show that the OFW’s are our new middle class — financial literacy is critical if they are to maintain their middle class status, otherwise all their sacrifices will be in vain.

I first started to get involved in with the OFW’s through my on-line friend, the late Tonette Binsol (a.k.a. Ka Tonyang). She asked me if I can help her organize a forum where we can teach OFW’s about personal finance. Today, I have forged a partnership with the Ople Center to make this advocacy alive.

I would like to thank our corporate sponsors for making this trip possible — Insular Life and V Cargo.

Hong Kong, here I come! Thank you Lord for all these!

p.s. – I’ll be speaking at the Bayanihan Center (Oct. 1) and the Philippine Consulate Office (Oct. 4).


2 thoughts on “Hong Kong and the OFW’s, here I come”

  • Hi Randell!
    Praise God indeed for how you are touching and changing lives thru your seminars and trainings… I know the Lord is very pleased in what you are doing for Him…May HIS favor surround you always.


  • Sir,

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Hong Kong and the OFW’s, here I come