Give others a break!

By Randell Tiongson on February 12th, 2010

Whenever there is an opportunity, give others a break. Help them get into something that will help them realize their potentials.

I have been blessed that there were a lot of people who believed in me and gave me the breaks. There were bosses who hired me, clients who trusted me, friends who showed opportunities and more.  I will not be where I am if not for them and the Lord and I am sure many of the readers experience the same.

Paying it forward is a great concept – giving others a break is not a dole out and not a favor. It is making us realize that our purpose in life is always bigger than us and it will always involve others.

The Bible is full of stories about people getting breaks – Moses, David, Daniel, Nehemiah, the Apostles and many more. If God believes in us and gives us the break, shouldn’t we be doing the same? I am blessed that the people who I gave breaks to always go back to me to thank me but that isn’t always the situation of others. Despite of some being ungrateful, we should not dampen on our zeal to give others a break.

Why should we give breaks to others? Because God wants us to. The Lord, through others, will give us all the breaks we need in order to have a victorious life. Read the Bible and be encouraged. However, what we do with those breaks is entirely up to us. When you get the breaks, be grateful and always acknowledge the source of those breaks – God.

Here’s a good exercise – think of one or two names and give them a break. Kaya mo yan!


5 thoughts on “Give others a break!”

  • thanks for sharing this good article, its open my mind and may the others open too their minds too on giving break to others.

  • Hi Randell !

    We really praise God for you….you have given me and the whole family a BIG BREAK by being a Big Bro to my children, Paul and Excel….Thank you so much to you and Mia…May God bless you more! 🙂 See you in Bacolod on the 26th!

  • thanks sir. you really deepen and broaden my insight. ganyan din ang believe ko sa buhay, and i already started giving break to others as God give me too much blessings. i started the seeds sa mga brothes ko and kamag anakan, and i really pray na gwin din nila itong break ko sa kanila para sa iba. Sana kumalat pa ang ganitong blog mo. God bless and God will pour more blessings pa sa pamilya mo. please spread your blog as i am really touched.

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