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By Randell Tiongson on June 25th, 2010

To thank the many readers of my blogs, I’ll be giving 5 complimentary slots to my seminar No Nonsense Seminar on Finance: How to Invest for the future.

I will be giving the tickets to 5 individuals who will post how they can benefit from my program. I’ll be choosing the individuals basing on their comments. This contest is open until June 30 so start posting your comments now!


24 thoughts on “Free slots to No Nonsense”

  • I am interested to attend in your seminar because I know I can learn simplified methods/ strategy regarding personal finance especially on the field of investment..and it will benefit me because through your seminar it will reinforce me to strive further to take action on the things that I have been reading in your blog and moneysense mag, and as I learn to your seminar I know I will not forget to be a follower/servant of Jesus because you don’t only talk about money matters, you also lead your community to be closer to Jesus… hope I will be chosen to have a complimentary ticker.. thanks and God bless

  • Randell is a very good financial consultant. What I like about him most is that he is objective and has a conviction to his opinions. By virtue of being independent, he does not sell products. He looks out for the client’s interest. Additionally, it is difficult to find someone who can blend good Christian values into planning their finances making him a unique consultant. He is person of character with good perspectives.

    Hey randell,

    How have you been? I’ll be in manila on the week of your talk. I’m attending a wedding on July 11, 2010. 😉

    See you around!


  • I will benefit from this seminar because I have 1M investible funds that I have no idea to do with. I have just started looking at mutual funds etc. I want to learn how to diversify as well and know how much cash I should have on hand and liquid at any time.

  • There are hundreds of investment products from banks and other financial companies continue to come up with very sophisticated products which can easily overwhelm or confuse the ordinary investor. I do have questions or doubts about an investment product it is best to ask a professional like you and not my favorite barber

  • thank you.. I deserve a free slot in your investment seminar. No Nonsense, because I know and believe that I can benefit from your seminar. all though I haven’t read your blog articles I still believe that hands-on training is a better choice. I want to learn more about finance and how to handle money. All though I am not brighter or intelligent than most. I have the gift of curiosity. I want to be a better person.. so with you and Gods help, I now that I can be a great person.. and help people in the proses. I am a very friendly person and willing to learn from the best. I have no money to pay you, but I don’t think having no money is a hindrance to learn its only a option for me.. either its my time to learn now from you or I do something to learn on my own. God made me curios, so its my gift to learn about things. I thank God that I read your message from Facebook. Its really Faith that broth me to read your message.. I thank you for posting this message and I thank God for presenting this Message to me.. 🙂 it broth me a smile before I sleep. thank you. Its up to you sir if you think that I deserve a free slot in your seminar. Thank you for reading. God Bless us. //ERIC KEVIN CABAUATAN PADILLA//

  • Since this is a second part of the No Nonsense seminar I’ve attended a couple of months ago, I am expecting and eventually going to benefit from the second installment as this surely will going to tackle the nuts and bolts of investing in the different kinds of instruments that will offer higher yields while spreading one’s portfolio investments. I am looking forward to learn yet again from Randell and excited to put into practice the things I’m going to learn from this seminar. To quote Chinkee Tan, He said that having the RIGHT MINDSET plus the RIGHT ACTIONS will produce the RIGHT RESULTS. Having said that, This second installment is definitely going to delve in the Right Actions area so ultimately, I can produce the desired right results. 🙂

  • Thank you Sir Randell. I really want to attend on your seminar. I am currently working on a 9-5 job, though I don’t have my millions yet, I want to know more and escape from this rat race, hopefully. i was able to invest in an invesment fund some years ago, but lost some serious and earnest money on it. that time I don’t know anything about investing and unfortunately i was not able to sustain and maintain it and luckily that brought me back to scratch and start again. I am fond of starting from scratch but I don’t want to keep on scratching. hope to learn more from you, considering you’re an expert in term on handling and how really money works. again, thank you for sharing us more in this blog and congrats on your lucky 5. God bless!

  • I am interested in attending the No Nonsense Seminar because I want to learn more about investing and financial management to be able to help promote financial knowledge to my friends and colleagues. I am currently working part-time as an insurance and MF representative while continuing my studies. More than just being a sales agent, I want to share what I learn about investments to my clients because most of them are interested in investing as well. I want to provide them with excellent service and helpful information (not limited to what our company provides us) so I try to make it a point to learn as much as I can about investments and financial skills. I think I can also learn and get a lot from this seminar, which I can also share in my work blog – insights of a financial planner trainee. Through that, hopefully, I can help promote financial awareness to Filipinos. 🙂

  • I will benefit from your program because:

    – I am a person in need of proper financial guidance.

    -I have no educational background related with accounting or finance and I’m aware that you don’t need to pass them in order to know how to invest right.

    -I am a person who loves to learn and to enlighten others as a way of returning my gratitude to learning. My only source of financial investment knowledge came from my dear Economics professor who taught me one priceless lesson, “Spread your investments, study and research.” I see appropriate investments as a way to be wealthy because aside from learning by experience and knowledge, you get to discipline yourself on the process.

    – I have a different perspective on money; I don’t see it as far as lottery betters do. I see it as an instrument. The results show depending on the person who handles them. By knowledge, discipline and proper values, money is beneficial.

    – I want to help my country by nation building. I was taught that if you put your money on the right investment instruments, you help the economy. By what they mean of “Right investment instruments” I don’t know.

    Mr Randell, I want to be a wiser person and someone who knows what she’s doing especially with money and assets. I am 22 years old and is more than eager to learn what credible professionals like you will have to share. God Bless you 🙂

  • Hi Randell. I’d like a complimentary pass to your No Nonsense Seminar. I’ll benefit from it because:
    – Learning is a life-long process. I always keep on learning knowing that if I stop, I stagnate and begin to go downhill.
    – I share my learnings with my 2 children, 1 of whom is about to finish her Entrepreneurship degree from UST. I strive to be a good example to my children, guide and support them.
    – I also cascade my knowledge and experience to my officemates, readers of newsletters I write for, and all who come to me for financial advice.
    Giving me a free pass has the multiplier effect. I help in your advocacy to teach people about financial freedom and success.

  • I like to attend, however, I have prior appointment in Subic Zambales from July 9 to 11, 2010.

    Definitely, I will learn from your presentations. I have attended your previous seminars/lectures. Your presentations are clear, interesting topics, and practical to apply.

    That’s why, although I travelled some 4 hours from 4:00 a.m. from Lucena City to catch up the lecture, I did not missed a single day of lectures in the RFP modules.

    Next time, I hope I could attend. Please count me later.

    Pol Pinera
    Lucena city

  • being just newly retired i would like to maximimize the funds i have now so that i can live a comfortable life specially now with the birth of my first baby boy.

    i want to be familiarize myself with methods to balance investments and savings.

    thanks randell

  • Hi Randell. I would really like to get a free pass to your seminar. I want to become a better steward of whatever blessings God has given me and thus become a channel of blessings to others too.

  • Hi Sir Randell, I am very much interested to attend in your seminar because I know that as a student I will learn a lot of new things which can augment my knowledge on investments and in handling my finances in the future. Another thing is that I believe in the way you teach people through your seminars by making it fun as possible and eliminating the jargons or as you said the “nosebleed” things which made other people think that investments are complicated. I also believe that what we learn is how to manage our finances in a practical way and how we can apply and put into practice the things that they we will learn in your seminar. In short I’m sure that it will be fun,practical and applicable to all of us. Godbless.

  • Hi Sir Randell. I am Mark Joseph T. Fernandez, CPA, 21 years old and my first job is and currently is being a Financial Planner of Insular Life Makati. I first came with Insular Life when I was looking for a job for the first time. I wanted a job that allows me to talk to people and provide advise to them. Then I walked in to Insular Life. I promised myself that I will be a good personal financial advisor. I know I have got to learn from people. And I believe that someday, I could also be a great financial advisor like you.

  • Hi, Sir Randell, thank you for being The Salt & The Light for everyone (Matt.5:13-16). I am a regular employee but this doesn’t limit me to look beyond in discovering more of my potentials & capabilities. By reading your blogs & advices, I realized that you and my Boss, Mr Rex A. Mendoza share the same view. As what my boss always say “One of the keys to an effective financial management is knowledge, but more importantly it is the attitude and the discipline that matters. You just really have to put your emotions out when making an investment”.
    I feel that this seminar much like the others you have conducted would provide other practical tips and additional eye-openers in the field of investments. I believe, according to boss Rex the three stages in a man’s financial life – man at work, man and money at work, and money at work. Sir Randell, we need your expertise as a real and practical financial planner who leads us and provides tailor-fit recommendations based on objectives, risk profile and relevant time frame. Certainly, this would be worth my while.
    To end, I consider you as one of the well known financial experts in the industry. Because of this I hope that this entry will be considered as it has been my outmost desire to meet you in person not to mention that I firmly believe that this seminar will certainly help me in the achievement of my dreams may it be personal or career-wise. Mabuhay po kayo & God Bless!

  • I strongly believe this seminar will give proper guidance on me and my partner on how to fulfill our goal after deciding to venture into a small franchise business by end of this year. We are young professionals still fresh from college and raising our own funds together, so we are very eager to learn everything that we can in terms of investing our money especially because going into this is just a part of our big plan of making big businesses in the future to improve our families lives and hopefully our own family soon, to help other people and to honor God as well for His provisions to us.

  • I am a young professional (just graduated from college) dreaming of having a good future someday. I have been saving money from my first fruits of labor but was thinking on what to do with it if ever I have already come up to the point where I have enough already. In this seminar, I want my questions to be answered: where do I start? when do I stop? how can my money go a long way? and how and what really is investing?

  • i would love to attend your seminar together with my fiance. while i have some basic knowledge on how money works, my fiance does not and it would be beneficial for us if he could learn the value of money and how to invest for the future. it would save us a lot of fights and arguments 🙂

  • as the great G.I. Joes used to say, “.. and knowing is half the battle”, i would love to attend your very informative seminar to help me know the INs and OUTs of investing in practical sense. i am in dire need of financial education and the seminar will help me keep on track towards financial freedom.

  • Even though I have not exactly been poor all my life, I haven’t been financially independent either. My parents have supplied my needs so far. Sure, I’m the one responsible for budgeting my allowance and earning some extra cash through chores, but will this prepare me for the real world? I don’t think it’s enough.

    During my time as a student, I’ve focused on working hard and getting good grades so I can land a good corporate job. But I don’t want to leave my future up to someone else. I want to learn how to make my money work for me. Even though I’m still a student, it’s not too early to start!

    With a speaker as passionate as you are, I think I’ll be able to significantly add to my knowledge on finances and investing.

  • Announcing the winners! The 5 winners of complimentary slots are:

    1. Eric Kevin Cabauatan Padilla
    2. Nissi
    3. Corina
    4. Maze Mercader
    5. Red

    Congratulations and see you Saturday.

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