Free Slots to Money Summit 2012

By Randell Tiongson on June 30th, 2012

The annual Money Summit & Wealth Expo is back and this time it’s bigger and better!

On July 20 & 21, the SMX will be the venue to be if you want to really learn about investments and investing strategies. Learn from real experts who are the leaders in their industry — Stock Market, Forex, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Real Estate, etc.

As a treat to the readers of this blog, we are giving away 2 free slots worth  P5,497 each which gives you access to the 2-day conference for 2 pax, 10 free passes to the 2-day expo, meals for 2 days for 2 pax, workbooks for 2 pax, and access to all speakers’ videos and PowerPoint presentations. What a treat!

To win the free slots, simply post why you want to want to attend the conference and how it can help you in achieving your goals. We will select the 2 best answers and we will advice them via email if they have been selected.

Winners will be selected on July 7, 2012.

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46 thoughts on “Free Slots to Money Summit 2012”

  • I to want to attend the conference to increase my knowledge on investing, validate and enhance my financial life plan, and pass such knowledge to my family, friends and community that they as well may gain financial freedom.

  • I really would like to be able to attend the Seminar to further enable myself in giving my clients timely and correct advise regarding their investments. As a front liner in SLAMCI I am the person that my clients ask regarding their investments though I am not the fund manager it would really help if I know that I am making the right decision for them.


    I would love to attend this 2-day expo as a benefit to my prospects and myself. As an insurance agent, we give our prospects a chance to create better financial situations for themselves and their families in times of adversity. Gone are the days when we simply push products but now seek to make sure the product fits the intention the prospects had in mind. Attending this expo will give me an insight on other investment tools are out there and so decide which prospects should buy insurance given their personal goals and which ones I should refer to another expert in a different financial service.

    As for myself, I would like to venture into different investment products especially new ones so that I have first-hand experience of these matters and truly understand how they work before I suggest it to anyone. Our words can influence others in a powerful way and with that comes responsibility to educate ourselves.

  • I would like to attend simply because of Money, Money will lead you to achieve my/your goal…

  • I am a second Generation underwriter , this is a Legacy that my father has left me , in 1965 he started his career in IL and serve for 25 years…and now that I am the Holder of the baton I am very willing to attend this summit to enhance my skills and knowledge to evangelize to the next generation about Insurance , Investment , stocks , real estate , and among others.. I always believe that what I am here in this career is not by accident I am here with a PURPOSE..

  • As a Cross-Seller, this is my Personal Brand: Real Estate, Insurance and Mutual Funds. This Money Summit 2012 event is a convergence of what I do. Swak na swak! =)

    I desire to learn from the experts in the field of Real Estate, Insurance and Mutual Funds as I believe learning is a continuous journey in life. I am a fan of everything about Financial Education, Investing and Personal Finance, not only because of what I do, but also because it is a personal advocacy on my part to help others within my network.

    On a personal level, I believe this will spur me to further my quest to attain financial freedom and on a business level, I believe this is a good venue to meet up with colleagues in the industry I represent and God willing, I’ll be able to generate new leads and referrals for my business.

    Last but not the least, as you mentioned in your blog, this is quite a treat. But the best treat of all is learning new ideas and updates from real experts who are the leaders in their industry — Stock Market, Forex, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Real Estate, etc. And God willing, I will be able to give back something to others by becoming a better service-provider in the field of Real Estate, Insurance and Mutual Fund, after attending this prestigious event.

  • Hi Sir Randell,

    I’m Bert, 23 y.o. It would be more than a treat for me If I’ll be given the chance to attend the conference. I believe that gaining knowledge about these things is a very good investment in itself especially for people like me who are just starting their journey to financial freedom. I’ve attended your steps to financial peace seminar last year. A lot has changed since then. I’ve transferred to a higher paying job. By next month, I’ll be free from credit card debts after battling with it for more than 2 years. I’m on target with building my emergency fund (at least 3X my mthly expenses) by the end of this year. I’ve been reading magazines & blogs now about insurance & investment instruments because they’re next on the line for me. I am really grateful for everything that I’ve learned from the seminar & from the things that I’ve been reading.

    I’ve been on the lookout for these kind of seminars to learn more. It would really be a very big blessing to me, my family & to the people around me to whom I can share the things that I’ll learn there. 🙂

  • Hi Randell,
    I want to attend the conference to gain financial knowledge and to be with like-minded people who wants to be financially free. I did attend in your Financial peace seminar this year and the event made a tremendous change in my finances and lifestyle. I am able to save now a certain percentage of my income and met my goal last month-that is to pay my credit card. Now, I am still working on my goals. This seminar will have an impact with my life just like how your seminar transformed my finances and lifestyle. I am still a work in progress when it comes to my finances, and I thank you for sharing all your knowledge and experiences to us. God bless you 🙂

  • I follow your blog and learned from it. I was given a chance to attend your Steps to Financial Peace Seminar 2 months ago and learned a lot from you, Chinkee and Jayson. During the seminar I learned to invest on myself, so i buy books written by Chinkee & Jayson and shared it with my family and friends. I also blog my notes of what I’ve learned from you guys – Week after the seminar I received a bonus, and instead of usual spending it to buy my wishlist I paid up my debts first, invested in BDO EIP, get a life and memorial plan. This month, I’m planning to start investing in stocks through Citisec. I want to attend the seminar so I can learn more about stocks & investing before I begin on my investment.

  • Good Day po, Madaming salamat po at may ganito po kayong promo Gusto ko pong umattend ng conference pero kulang po ang pera ko Sana po maka avail po ako ng free kasi po para matutuhan ko kung paano mapapalago ang perang aking pinaghirapan at makatulong sa iba at ma i-share ko din po ang aking kaalaman sa tulong po ng mga seminar conference at sa pagbabasa ng mga blogs. salamat po.

  • I’m Shua Martinez and I am an entrepreneurial management student at PUP. I have attended your seminar “Steps to Financial Peace” and I’ve been looking forward to a seminar on investments since then. As a student I have a limited amount of money I do everything I can to learn more, this seminar can help me make the right choices in investing in the near future and be a successful entrepreneur. It would be a big blessing if I would be chosen. I look forward to your favorable response.

  • I want to attend for the purpose of learning more and sharing to others as part of my advocacy to spread financial literacy to our fellow Filipinos. It is my way of paying forward.

  • Tips on how to manage one’s investment can be found everywhere on the internet, but it’s very different when someone teaches the right way on how to do it in person. Thank you, Sir Randell for considering me a free slot to attend this event.

  • I had my financial wake up call last year when I attended a wealth management course for 3 hours. Thirty years after graduation, I thought it was the most significant use of my time that can possibly change the rest of my life. I started sharing it to friends, whether they believe it or not. Some actually did and acted. Some didn’t. But I haven’t stopped teaching and reaching out to others. I want this information be known to every Pinoy.

    I have become literally addicted to financial seminars. Soon enough I was divinely guided. I found you, and othe other authorities in the financial industry. And now comes Money Summit. My thirst for financial knowledge will be quenched on a higher level if given a chance to attend this. I will have more to share and I will have more lives to touch and change.

  • I want to attend the conference because it would build my knowledge and wisdom in handling the powerful tool of money. As a young professional (23 years old), it would help me prepare for my future and put money in the right places. I have started investing this year in UITF’s and the stock market and I’m very eager to be trained and inspired in handling investments. Finally, but probably most important, my goal has always been to be a blessing to my family and the people around me and be a testimony of God’s abundant provision especially to the lost.

  • Yes, It is a great thing. It is my desire to attend the ” The Money Summit and Wealth Expo”. It is an opportunity for me to have another greater step towards financial freedom. Indeed this seminar will give not only knowledge but greater understanding to persevere in my goal and achieve greater things, not only for me but for the good of the people who surrounds me. As I learn many things from this blog, those things I understand and learn here is also a blessing to others whom together with me looking forward for better life. The things I will receive is not only for my own benefit but also for the benefit of the other people I need to help.

  • I want to attend the conference because I want to get started with investing and saving for me and my family’s future. By attending in this conference, not only will I learn from the experts, I will gain access to investments institutions that will help me get started in achieving my financial goals.

  • I want to attend the conference because I think that the wisest investment should be the knowledge that you bring to the table in attaining your goal.

  • I want to attend the conference so I could learn the different vehicles to make money. I do believe by attending this conference, I can increase my financial IQ which can be helpful in achieving my Financial Goals. Also, I’m really interested in learning how to make money thru Investing in Real Estate, I’m happy to learn that the scheduled conference has many topics related to Real Estate Investments.

    Thanks Sir Randell for this opportunity.

  • I wish to attend to learn and be financially literate about the right investing strategies from the gurus and experts. I believed that access to right information will cast out fears and doubts.

  • Hi Randell, I think I need to review what I have learned in the RFP program so that I could apply them to my life goals, and share my knowledge to others. If I don’t have free access (which is part of the financial plan to save), would be happy if you can provide the access to videos and the powerpoints. And then, I will ask you the questions and hope you will answer them. 🙂

  • As a newbie in the world of investing, I want to attend the Wealth and Money Expo for me to expand my knowledge on how and where to invest properly. This will serve as an ultimate guide for me in investing. Not only in investing but in other ways that I can maximize my hard earned money. This seminar will be a useful tool in educating others, particularly in my neighborhood and in my workplace on how to maximize their money. Spread the essence of becoming financially literate so that someday, most Filipinos will have the knowledge on investing and how to maximize their money and their potential being.

  • Hi, Randell. I need to be on this summit since I haven’t attended one yet. Thank you so much for picking me. See you soon! 😀

  • I’ve been to your Financial Peace seminar and found it very informative and amazing. I have a friend who has recently retired after 21 years of working with a foreign company based in Manila. She will be receiving her retirement benefits fr…om BPI as part of their company’s retirement plan together with her 18 month lump sum funds from the SSS. She has been unaware of how to manage her funds and I have been recommending her to invest it in funds that will reap her more dividends than just saving it in the bank. This would be a great opportunity if I could bring her over to the summit to learn more and invest in instruments that will earn her passive income while in retirement to sustain her for the longest time. It’s just like the Gospel – once you’ve heard of the good news there is no way but to share it. I hope this opportunity will be given to us and in turn share it to others.

  • I want to attend the conference because I want to learn the essentials of finance planning and taking in charge of my investments. When it comes to money, freedom is achieved on the way we do, think and say. I want to change my attitude towards money as well as my upbringing, my lifestyle and my values.

    I have my short, medium and long term goals. By participating in this event, I will further understand the power of money, its nature and cycle in our lives. I will understand more the practical elements of financial life and assess my own attitude towards money and how can I manage it and work it for me.

    I want financial freedom to understand the spiritual side of money, that we are worth more than our money and I want to be blessed to be a blessing for others. In this way, I will achieve in integrating my personal values and goals in life.

    After all, my main goal in life is to help others improve their lives personally, professionally and financially as well as glorifying God if this will be my calling.

  • This will definitely help and guide me to be a better steward of God’s blessings, and I want to start with my finances.

  • This seminar will equip me as I plan to teach financial literacy God willingly, to my future employees. 🙂

  • Hi Randell,

    I’ve realized that ‘a job for life’ has long gone and transitioning from the security of employment to the uncertainty of owning a business and investing for passive income is both exciting and nerve-wracking. A mistake can easily cost you thousands. And a very big mistake, millions.

    That’s why I believe knowing as much as I can about investment instruments will help me avoid making the same mistakes all over again. I’ve learned to overcome my pre conceived notions about these instruments and have slowly started to dabble in them, with a more realistic expectation.

    I hope that by attending the summit, I get an even bigger picture of the investment world. All in the hope that I will progress in my quest to be a better steward of God’s Blessings.


  • sir, please please allow me.. im new to trading and its been two weeks since i started up a live account and im close to a 5-digit-php loss since then. i attended a free training once (just the other month) on foreign exchange and its just not seem enough. and to my desire and curiosity i end up paying for my bruises every i stumble and fall even as i stand on my chart/desk. i have long prayed for actual people/ mentors to teach me this but there’s just seem none to a few on my circle of people i know who actually do this or just maybe i have not asked enough. thanks to a handful of books i bought on sale, my aunt’s cable connection and to my windows that just can’t seem to sleep except on a saturday evening and sunday morning when i go to church due to a crammed up cramming. i would best appreciate this po if id be chosen. as for the actual fee? i have none to zero. 😀 thank you po and Godbless you more. ?’s

  • Hi Randell. I’m a striving small time businessman who was caught unaware of fast changing economy in line with my business. I’ve been through with different sideline business but to no avail. I’m forty years old, though a college graduate, but I do not know about stocks investments and the like. I’m praying and hoping this summit is the answer to my prayers and struggles. Hoping for the best. God bless you and your family! u

  • Hi Randell,

    I have been reading your post in pwedenabook yahoogroups for more than a year now and also in a leading financial magazine and I find your advice on personal finance and investing very enlightening and encouraging. I’m sure I will learn a lot from this seminar if I will be given a chance. I’m always on the look out for free seminars on personal financial/investing because my resources is limited. My salary as a teacher assistant is just enough to sustain our monthly expenses that’s why I’m very eager to learn how an ordinary employee can achieve financial freedom even on small income. I invested in networking businesses before and failed. But I never lose hope because I believe things happen for a reason and I make sure I learn from my mistakes. Hearing the 12 investment experts’ advise (if I will be chosen) will inspire me to keep going to achieve financial freedom.

    I hope, this opportunity will be given to the most deserving individual(s) who wants to change their lives through investing.

  • Hi Mr. Randell,

    I want to spend that 2 day expo with my dad to bond, learn, and aim high in full feeling our family dreams. When my dad loses his job, he started to learn baking and eventually put up a bakery. Yet having a business is not easy at all, after one and a half year he closed the bakery due to the loss generated and stress associated in having a business. I saw his eagerness as he is starting but eventually he loses the confidence as we were not able to generate enough income to sustain the bakery. My mom and I tried to push him again in doing business but I feel that he is not confident enough to handle it again.

    More than the financial learnings that we would obtain in that summit, I know that the speakers and the summit will inspire and motivate us to explore more of ourselves and try to challenge ourselves to do business again.

    When I first hear Mr. Rex Mendoza, he inspired me not only in saving on mutual funds but also to be eager and hungry for success. So I want to build myself more and my father in being eager to invest on financial products and eager to challenge ourselves to reach success in whatever form God want it to be.

    Thank You!

  • Hi Randell,

    Let me tell something about me first (I know, it’s kind of boring!!!). I never had a chance to earn my own college degree because of some sort of what we called lack of source of financial support. I decided to get a work that will suffice my basic neccessities and my family’s needs. It’s been a struggle to me financially and have been always asking myself what’s wrong with what I’m doing. It’s been my initial reaction to find the type of job that will “somehow” bring me and my family to a kind of living that a typical family has. My battle to get into the corporate world is like entering into an eye of a needle (you’ve got to find ways to enter it no matter what and no matter how you do it). When I a was able to penetrate the corporate world as a regular employee, after 5 years, it was only to find out that it will just lead me to dead end opportunity and future instability. Not until I learn something about investments and funds. And I know to learn this… it’s like going to a long term of study that even if we do not sleep we will do it just to get out from our comfort zone type of work.

    I’m not expecting to be picked as one who can get the free ticket but maybe, “just maybe”, if I will be given the opportunity to attend… I can also be as one of the good leader we have in the financial industry who learned the ways on how to deal with life that is full of opportunities. As those who are already did it and have been successfully obtain financial freedom, I will take you as my inspiration and looking forward on myself to be someone who will speak in this kind of event in the future. Experience is the best teacher and the only way for people to get rich to educate and let them experience this kind of opportunity. Congratulation to the lucky person who will get the ticket!!!! Share it to me once you get there!!!! :p

  • I want to learn how to start a sound investment (where, what, when, how etc.) given that I don’t have much savings.

    I want these investments to be part of my life and be my cash cows.

  • Coach Randell,

    Magandang araw po!

    I always believed that investments in knowledge pays the best interest…especially in the field of finances. That is why I find it empowering to read financial literacy books, attend seminars and learn from the experts.

    Soon got very familiar with mutual fund investing, I practiced what I have learned and was blown away by its earnings and potential! Imagine…ordinary people enjoying the same returns as the rich! Wow!

    And imagine more and more ordinary people will benefit if given the right information!

    That is why it is my advocacy to share free financial literacy in every barangays of Pateros and Makati and hopefully every barangay in the country.

    Attending the Money Summit and Wealth Expo would further increase my value in understanding more about stocks, forex, insurance, real estate and therefore would create more value and opportunities to other people as I share/impart it to them. Let me be an instrument of educating them further and making their lives better.

    More power coach!


  • I want to attend the “Money Summit & Welath Expo” because I believe it is God’s way of teaching me and the all the rest of those who will attend, to learn how we can manage the wealth and resources given to us freely and generously. It is only when we become efficient in managing our resources then we can give back generously to Him. If given the chance to attend this expo, I will not only benefit for myself but I can also share the knowledge and skill I will gain from the expo to other people.

  • I want to attend the conference because I want to have a foundation in terms of learning on wealth management. I also want to impart the knowledge that i’ll get from this conference to others who seem to be blinded in terms of managing one’s wealth.

    My ultimate goal to be financially independent and I can only achieve if I have the right understanding on how to become one. I have never attended any wealth or investment management related trainings. I feel reading books alone may not be enough. I need a major “wake up call” on this aspect. I’ve been working for 10years but I haven’t invested in anything. I don’t want to spend the next 10 years or so of my life working for nothing.

  • Hi, I want to attend and participate in the Money and Wealth Expo because I want to learn more about investing and trading here in our country. My husband and I currently expecting our first child later this year and we want to be financially stable for him/her.

    I’ve started educating myself to be more financially literate through reading blogs, newspapers, and books. I’ve also tried assessing our assets and liabilities and already took steps in gaining financial freedom such as strictly overseeing our budget and by analyzing what investments (so far, we have bought some stocks and bonds) are appropriate for us.

    My main financial goal is to be proactive in handling our finances and in turn, empower others to be proactive as well. I know that attending the expo is an investment in itself because you get the chance to learn from the best and I wouldn’t miss that chance.

  • Hi Randell,

    I am 62 and still very active in the Insurance Industry as Regional Manager of Benlife Insurance Co; Inc. I have been waiting for this opportunity and I strongly believe I can make it in the field of Investment thru this Money Summit.
    The benefits I can have from this summit are not unlike the rest, the only difference is that I sincerely intend to share whatever fruits I may reap to the less privileged people especially orphaned children at Hospicio de San Jose. Thanks with warm regards.

  • I believe in the saying that “what goes around, comes around” and in what my mother use to say – “No knowledge ever gained, is ever wasted”. So with these in mind – and in line with my personal goal (at this late stage in my life) to give back to society, by helping others achieve financial freedom (and simultaneously, in my own small way, contributing to making the world a better place) through the sharing of what I have learned in school, in my readings and in what I will learn in this seminar – I know that by being allowed to attend this seminar, to participate and contribute to the discussion and by sharing what I learned, I will have be taking a major step towards the achievement of my dream! Thank you.

  • I’ve read the 9 to 5 millionaire by Ms Leila Hernandez in the May-June issue of MoneySense and I’m interested on how to get out of the rat race.

  • This is a great opportunity! From here, I can raise my financial iq level, so when the blessing comes, its not just overflowing and spent unconciously, you sure have enough space for the overflows – and know how to manage it fruitfully – a MUST for everybody. Thank you

  • I want to attend the Money Summit 2012 because I know it can change my life in a huge way. I’ve learned about saving and investing last year when I read a book about personal finances (Wealth Within Your Reach) and it has been an amazing eye opener. I wanted to expand what I learned by attending this summit and be able to adopt it in my personal life. I don’t need to earn millions but I need to earn enough, make it grow and eventually be financially independent. This summit will surely be a blessing.

  • Dear Mr. R. Tiongson:

    I’m not ashamed to admit that I have failed a few times now, and I have indulged myself on acquiring things that were considered assets but lost them eventually. Financial know-how in life is inescapable. Honestly, I’ve read and studied many investment alternatives to zero-in my financial ignorance through the internet, newspaper (by the way, I’m an avid reader of your column in PDI), self-help books. Right now, I don’t know my understanding ‘status’ or how I am financially equipped on handling new investments now, and my new life.

    The question would be: why should you pick me? Firstly, let me tell you that I would be forever grateful if I would be selected as one of your participants to attend this conference and this opportunity would be considered as my second chance. Once I achieved financial success, this time, I would pay it forward to others, which, I wasn’t able to do when I had money years ago. Lastly, the amount of the ticket, in my case, would be regarded probably worth of millions especially in the future.

    Thank you very much.

  • I want to attend the Money Summit because I want to learn MORE. I’m not saying I already know a lot, but I have a goal – to reach financial freedom, to get out of the rat race. To move closer to this goal, I’ve been reading and researching (for some years already) blogs, books, forums, videos, websites of financial companies, explored on opportunites, joined groups for that matter and anything else that could increase my knowledge. The more I learn from these, the more I realize that there’s still a lot that I need to understand. And I strongly believe that there are things I could learn from the Summit that I won’t be able to “google” from the internet.

    If given the chance to attend this seminar it is rest assured that the learnings will not end with me. Even with just the present knowledge that I have, I’ve already been trying to influence others to invest rather than to spend. I start with family and friends and then I’m part of a yahoo group focused on sharing tips and learnings on how to reach our financial goals. But my goal/vision is large scale, I want to see a large percentage of financially literate Filipinos. I want to change the way some things are. For instance, I want to plan for my retirement so I won’t have to depend on my children for financial help when I grow old, and I will teach my children to do the same… and I want more Filipinos to be able to do it as well.

    Thank you for this opportunity. I wouldn’t be as excited to attend the conference as I am now if I didn’t know there’s a chance to attend it for free. For the price of the ticket and the level of income I have now, I’d rather put the 5k straight to mutual funds. 🙂

  • Congratulations Ms. Lilibeth Usaraga and Mr. Ronnie Reyes for being chosen to attend the Money Summit & Wealth Expo. You’ve been sent an e-mail notice.

    Watch out for more free slots to other programs!

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