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By Randell Tiongson on August 7th, 2010

We are giving away 5 complimentary slots to Cito Beltran’s Changing Directions seminar on August 21, 2010.

If you believe that this program can help you, submit your comments and we will chose 5 individuals. P2,000 worth, Free!

Details of the program —


20 thoughts on “Free slots to Changing Direction”

  • Right now I’m still puzzled with what is my true purpose, I set goals, but I didn’t get it, I still don’t know which direction I want to go now, I want to change my direction where God will be glorified, I pray that God will change me…How? Please help.

  • i think Cito’s insightfulness is aided by the fact that he is trained in media to be probing and analytical — on the fly! the training is invaluable as it provides a discipline few get to exercise: real mental gymnastics, as it pertains to observing and analyzing real, human cases brought before them, evaluating them from as many angles as possible to gain insight or perspective, and delivering that insight in a clear, objective, and concise manner to an invisible yet discriminating audience. Anyone who can take the heat, roll with the punches, and thrive on live TV can obviously stomach the best and worst times with the greatest of equanimity. That ‘cool’ ability is rare and worth emulating. When applied to transitions counseling (which is ostensibly the purview of changes in direction), the advice can only be logical AND sound, having been carefully thought out and validated from human experience time and again. I want to see that process unfold before me live, and experience what it feels to be given logical AND sound advice that hits the head AND heart at the same time, especially as it relates to various life transitions. I am curious to hear what he has to share, and believe that even vicarious participation in Cito’s own life transitions can serve up a dandy! šŸ™‚

  • Because changing direction was a great alternative to what direction i am right now. Cito has an enormous success in media and i want to adopt that great secret. So i want to be trained by the best and good character-ed person like him. His proven strategy is practical and workable so i want be be a part of that success so that i can share it to others. As a blogger i admire Cito because he is not just a PR but a unusual men of faith and character.

  • I have heard from Mr. Beltran twice and his down-to-earth messages are worth absorbing. We can listen to a lot of “been there” “done that” personalities but the profound wisdom from this man is not ordinary in terms of personal and public issues in life.

  • Sometimes we jsut need a nudge in the right direction. What better way, than to hear from an expert like Mr. Cito Beltran?

    We attendees will provide the will, but Mr. Beltran can provide the advice. I’m more than willing to learn!

  • After reading the questions in the PR intro for the seminar I feel like I really really really NEED to be there.

    The long answer is in this blog post:

    but the short of it is that…

    What do I do? – a lot and nothing at the same time. I am too scatter brained – stuck in a plateau and do not really know where to aim at.

    Where am I now? – I’m at ground zero and cannot lift my leg up to take a step

    Where am I going? – my scatter brain usually tells me “where you’ll have the most meaningful experiences! Doesn’t matter where!” but I’m 28. and if you still feel like a lost college graduate dealing with quarter life crisis at 28, it is certain that you need help.

    How do I get there? – Since I do not really knowing where I’m going… I have no answer to this question.

    When will I get there? – This either.

    What will it cost me? – Probably a lot. Since time wasted is the most burdensome expense.

    I want to “fix” my life, I just don’t know where to start. I’ll probably feel stabs in my chest knowing how straightforward Cito talks, but a little stab is probably what I need to wake up.

  • At the crossroads right now, I think that a seminar such as this one would really aid people get enlightened. Actually, a lot already have this ‘strategic thinking’ but they seem to still be at a lost. Inspiration may be acquired from various sources/experts, but given a godly approach, that would certainly be more worth it!

    I believe Mr. Cito Beltran’s seminar would really help those in need of guidance and enlightenment in these times of dread and challenges. We could really take our lives to better perspectives, hence living to what God wills us to.

  • What do I do? ā€“ I really feel that I’m helping make a difference in this world that we life in.

    Where am I now? ā€“ In the amazing race of life, moving one day at a time. Going from better to best, from glory to glory by God’s Grace, alone.

    Where am I going? ā€“ To the great destiny prepared before I was even born.

    How do I get there? ā€“ I started with God’s Grace, I’ll continue responding to His Grace, And I’ll Finish by His Grace.

    When will I get there? ā€“ Not sure…..

    What will it cost me? ā€“ Reminding myself each day, what it cost for me to have what I have now. It may have come to me free, but it didnt mean it wasnt bought with a price..

  • Iā€™m lost, confuse, and Iā€™m in search of a good mentor. While searching and while waiting for that day to come, I would like to have the opportunity to attend and learn from Mr. Beltran so I can find my path towards my purpose. Or better yet, I wish he could be my mentor.

  • God’s plan for us is to prosper and not to harm us. But he also made us unique by giving us the capacity to think and differentiate between the good and the evil. Yes, He wants us to prosper so that we will be able to save the lost and contribute in expanding His Kingdom. Thus, we need to be strategic in our thinking to be able to do what he promised us. Strategic thinking should come first in us personally, before we can be strategic in the community or the corpoarte world. To be strategic is to be involved in making lives better so that they will praise Him the more.

    I appreciate Cito Beltran for sharing his skills in teaching and developing strategic thinking among other people. Someday I will also give back what I learned and will be learning by sharing the skills I have to help and develop other people.

  • Being the bread winner in the family and at the same striving hard to achive my goals in life. It is really hard to focus and implement my own plans, I always need to consider my family.

    Someday, I also want to have my own family, be successful in my chosen path and also a good daughter to my parents. How can I achieve those without sacrificing anything? I have so many plans and dreams in life…but I don’t know now what I really want to prioritize and how to start again after my father(77 yrs old) was hospitalized in ICU last month…I need direction and guidance….I believe that this seminar will contribute a lot to make my goals be victorious in the future with God’s help.

  • Two years ago, a friend gave me one of those “thought for the day” small flip chart you place on your desk. Each day has a quote about leadership. One quote is a prayer of Mike Murdock, it says “Father, help me to move out of my comfort zone and realize that in order to achieve something I have never had, I must do something I have never done before. In Jesus’ Name.” This quote has become the default flip chart on my desk for more than a year now. It is intresting to note that since then circumstances in my life have changed dramatically. Some are a result of decissions I’ve made and others as if “fate” would have it just happened. I didn’t regret the changes, although some, I would admit, were a lot difficult to adjust to and took a whooping doze on lessons on humility on my part. The Lord I believed expanded my borders in a way that proves all that happened came from Him.

    The quote is still the 1st thing I see on my desk everytime I go to work even before I turn on my computer. However in the past months I felt “stuck”. It’s as if everything in my life is on a plateau. I can’t explain it but my relationships, ministry involvements, job, finances, physical well being and endless activities felt “too flat”. In my quiet times, I ask the Lord if there is any sin in my life that causes me to feel this way? He assures me there is none but still the “flatness” remains. Putting extra effort in everthing worked for a short time. I get tired naman hahahaha!!! I guess not working through the power of the spirit.

    God in His grace brought be to attend a worship service at VCF Metro East and heard the message on Breakthrough : The God kind. A few days after, He lead me to these lines in Ed Silvoso’s book “Transformation” – “To see what we have never seen, we must do what we have never done, or else we will continue to see what we always see.” The lines sounds familiar. I realized at this point God is at work. All things leading to this time are too much of a coincidence.

    When I got the update on the Changing Directions seminar, I belive change is in my direction if not I am already in it’s path. I have worked in and with mangement for most of my professional career life. Strategic thinking is not new to me. I know my purpose in life and have these words (actually acronyms) to guide me through – L.i.v.e. S.i.m.p.l.y. I believe attending a seminnar on strategic thinking and having an experienced advocate share his personal views and insights will be a much needed blessing where I am now. A bonus is, it’s on a Saturday… I don’t have to file a leave from work. What more can I ask for!

  • I badly need this seminar.
    I do have my own mission and vision in life.
    I made them when I attended the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” seminar before.
    I am a young professional, a Marketer by profession, but shifted to Training and Development career path. (Changing Direction? I may say YES)
    What I really want to do in my career is to pursue Masters Degree and to become a consultant someday. ( I believe that Marketing and Training is a good combination towards my vision)
    I need to learn tips, techniques and advices from the professionals like Mr. Cito Beltran.
    I am a knowledge seeker, I want to learn new things and I believe this seminar will help a lot.
    Please count me in!

  • I just finished reading “Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins. It made me realize that I need to practice what I read by looking for right references to take control of my life. This seminar will enhance what I read because it will give me the direction and focus to take control of my personal and professional life. I believe that this seminar will be a life-changing discovery of what the true purpose of my life is.

  • I’ve seen Cito as a news anchor and TV personality. Not the typical superstar journalist. And that is what I like. Would probably rank him as among the most sensible speakers. Changing Directions? Let Cito lead us the way!

  • In five years time, I have strategically acquired the skills and knowledge to be able to achieved the position I have now in the corporate banking world.
    By doing so, it has given me a sense of short term fulfillment.

    But where do I go from here? Is this what I really want in the next 10 to 20 years?

    I believe this program is helpful in providing insight to what direction I need to take in a couple of years.

    Thank you.

  • At present, I am experiencing a quarter life crisis. Ever since I has in high school, it is my dream to live abroad. I would like to experience independence and share/exchange my culture with the rest of the world.

    Now, I am contented with what I have in the country. But the urge within my system to live abroad is still alive and kicking.

    Given a chance to attend this seminar, I believe that it will aid me in making the right decision with what I would like to do for the next 10 years.

  • This comment is in addition to what I have posted earlier.
    The reason why I wanted to attend this seminar very badly is because this seminar will give me the perspective to asses my current personal and professional life, and it will provide strategies on how I can achieve my dreams. This seminar will provide me the right mindset to accept change and face challenges in order to achieve my dreams. Through this seminar, my transition to where I am right now and where I want to go will be much easier.

  • We have already chosen the winners of this contest and have sent an email to those who were selected. Thank you for joining!

    It was really difficult selecting a few since all of your comments are really good and I am sure you all deserve the ticket. If you still want to attend the program, we are willing to give it to you at a discounted rate. Just email me privately at [email protected]

  • I work for a difficult boss who to make matters worse a relative of my husband. For the last two years now, I’ve taken hurtful comments and snide remarks made about me. All of this is work-related so I let it pass. It could have been said better to correct me but I was thinking business is business and one has to be thick-skinned in the real world. However, recently it has escalated to personal abuse resulting to this person’s dog chasing me in our family compound. I reacted negatively (if I may say impulsively because of a. I have been bitten by a dog when I was a child (maybe you can say I have trauma from that) b. because after the incident the owner did not restrain the animal even when this person was less than a meter behind the animal. It was sad that when I brought this to the family I was discredited due to lack of witnesses and besides they argued I wasn’t really hurt, just my ego. So since no actual physical damage occurred, I was advised to keep the harmony of the family compound instead to avoid conflicts. However, now I cannot help to feel distrust amongst the people I thought were family. My husband said “Kung di tayo-tayo ang magtutulungan, sino pa”. So why did this happen to me?

    The question that struck me about this seminar is about the cost of the changes I am planning to do from now on. I know I have to move on but if it was just me (no family) it would have been an easier decision.

    So if you will choose me for this seminar I would like to answer the questions below as it applies to this turning point in my life:
    What will it cost me?
    Ƙ What is the cost of changing personal direction?
    Ƙ Do I need to change direction?
    Ƙ Is the change acceptable? How do I sustain the attitude?

    Good luck in your seminar and more power to you! šŸ™‚

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