Exports and Foreign Direct Investments

By Randell Tiongson on January 13th, 2010

Update as of Jan. 2010

Philippine exports break losing streak–rises in November

    ·       Exports in November hit $3.69 billion, up 5.1% from a year earlier

    ·       This is also +0.6% higher  from October levels.

    ·       For the January-November period, exports were down 24.6% to $35 bn.

    ·       This is the first time exports grew since September 2008

    ·       Growth was driven by the increase in electronics sales.

    ·       Electronics exports in November rose 6.9% to $2.14 billion.

    ·       Exports to the U.S., Japan and the Netherlands showed on-year gains of 7.5%, 2.7% and 56%, respectively.

FDI for Oct 2009 reached $59 M

    ·       For Oct 2009, the country recorded a net inflow of $59 mln in foreign direct investment.

    ·       A reversal from an outflow of $62 mln the previous month.

    ·       Central bank said that a net-equity capital infusion of $41 mln came from Hong Kong, the U.S. and Japan.

    ·       With the bulk of the investments allocated to the mining, construction and financial intermediation sectors.

    ·       The positive investor sentiment resulted to an 18% rise in net inflow of FDI in the Jan-Oct period.


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Exports and Foreign Direct Investments