Do you really make a difference?

By Randell Tiongson on December 3rd, 2009

Do you sometimes wonder if what you do really makes a difference?

I’ve been an advocate of financial planning for almost a decade now and there are times that I ask myself if I’m really making a difference in this advocacy. From establishing a yahoogroup to the Registered Financial Planner Institute, from to this blog … from one speaking engagement to another… and and articles, columns and blogs — I sometimes ask if I’m making some dent at all.

.. then you get encouraging messages from people, making things all worth it and inspires you to continue. Here’s a nice Facebook message I got recently, I couldn’t remember the guy but I’m sure our paths have crossed before:

greetings mr Tiongson

i’m friends with Mervin back during my days with AXA

i’ve read much about you and you inspired me to explore a career in Financial planning when i moved to Canada

just wanna drop in a note to tell you that

keep up what you’re doing for the Philippine society

it’s a good country sans the government. you’re definitely doing your part to make it a great place to live.


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Do you really make a difference?