Disciplines of breakthrough Entrepreneurs

By Randell Tiongson on October 22nd, 2010

By Francis J. Kong

Discipline #1: Breakthrough Entrepreneurs have a junkyard dog mentality.Are you persistent with your business? Or are you easily shaken and give up quickly? Breakthrough entrepreneurs are like junkyard dogs — they are tenacious and hang on no matter what because they are focused on their goals.

Discipline # 2: Breakthrough Entrepreneurs are committed to devote their time and energy on their idea. Do you make time in your day or week threshing out your ideas that have potential? Breakthrough entrepreneurs put in time and effort into bringing your ideas to fruition.

Discipline #3: Breakthrough entrepreneurs like working with people. Do you enjoy working with other people or would you rather work alone? Breakthrough entrepreneurs like working with people and dealing with all sorts of personalities.

Discipline #4: Breakthrough entrepreneurs focus on the solution, not on the problem. If there’s a problem, do you spend time finger pointing or fault finding? Breakthrough entrepreneurs acknowledge the problem, quickly identity the cause, and move on to finding a solution.

Discipline #5: Breakthrough entrepreneurs are willing to share the pie with others. Are you a believer in winner-take-all and zero-sum games? Or do you believe in win-win and are willing share the pie with others? Breakthrough entrepreneurs  are big on having strategic partners and generous incentives to employees.

Discipline #6: Breakthrough entrepreneurs are always itching for something new. Are you content with what you’ve accomplished? Or do you keep trying to shake things up? Breakthrough entrepreneurs are always experimenting and trying new things.

Discipline #7: Breakthrough entrepreneurs are innovators. Do you believe in the adage “don’t fix it if it ain’t broken?” Or do you enjoy experimenting and doing something different? Breakthrough entrepreneurs are creative and innovative in their business approach.

Discipline #8: Breakthrough entrepreneurs have adequate backup resources.When you start a business or launch a new product or project, do you go “all in?” Or do you have adequate resources in case something goes wrong? Breakthrough entrepreneurs always make sure they have a Plan B.

Discipline #9: Breakthrough entrepreneurs are lifetime learners. Do you think training and investing in learning is a waste of time and money? Are are you always learning new things? Breakthrough entrepreneurs are open to new ideas, knowledge, and information — and are willing to invest in learning.

Discipline #10: Breakthrough entrepreneurs know and live out their winning business philosophy. Is money all there is to it for your business? Or do you consider your business also in terms of your purpose? Breakthrough entrepreneurs serve a cause higher than themselves.

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Disciplines of breakthrough Entrepreneurs