Cool way to promote life insurance

By Randell Tiongson on July 31st, 2012

I made a post about how financial services companies particularly life insurance companies have made strides in their marketing techniques. Sun Life actively using social media and even sponsored short-films.

Not to be outdone is Philamlife. I stumbled upon a promotional video of Philamlife and I was expecting the usual boring infomercial type of a video. It was a delight to see an MTV by no less than Bamboo singing a song about life and planning. Wow, this is a really good video and an awesome marketing campaign! Good job Philamlife… we want to see more!

Sun Life and Philamlife have paved the way to ‘out of the box’ marketing campaigns that will surely attract a lot of Filipinos who desperately need the benefits of life insurance. In my opinion, this is an awesome way to create awareness and I am so glad the 2 largest insurance have been bold in this arena — probably why they are the 2 largest insurers of the country.


5 thoughts on “Cool way to promote life insurance”

  • In my personal opinion, a company that invests in marketing promotion of that level doesn’t make an essential impact considering the value of being prudent when it comes to financial matters. It would be best if the money paid for big ads is instead invested in educational programs that can benefit the people who needs education about the importance of insurance and planning for the future.

    Johnrey Landoay
    Licensed Financial Consultant
    [email protected]

  • That is really a good idea to promote insurance company in a television or in networking site. It is very helpful because we all know that Filipinos are watching television or surfing in an internet is their past time. PPLICl also is a good company you can choose among other insurance company.

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Cool way to promote life insurance