Bad advice, part 1

By Randell Tiongson on January 18th, 2011

Radio DJs nowadays play less music and more talk even on the FM Band which can entertain, but can also be annoying when it is overdone. I’ve also noticed that some radio DJs have started to give advice on air. While some are sound advice, some are horrible ones.

As I was listening to the radio a few days ago, I heard a DJ give an advice and she referred to it as “retail therapy.” She said that one way she deals with a “bad day” was to go shopping. Even if she does not need anything, she will set out to buy something regardless of worth, and such an activity will help her through the day. I have tried to find some semblance of any logic on the advice but I was dumbfounded and could not find any. I shrugged in antipathy because the advice was so, well… bad.

I have always expressed that we should seek counsel especially in matters of finances. Many of our woes are brought about by our innocence and many times by our ignorance on financial issues. Seeking counsel then is not only prudent; it is the wise thing to do. However, wisdom reiterates that we must also seek sound advice and always avoid bad advice. There are many who claim to be financial advisors and some will even carry such a designation and yet not all of them will give sound advice and may actually give horrible advice.

Many years ago, I once had a lengthy discussion with a financial adviser who always recommends US-dollar investments for his potential clients. I engaged the advisor further when I realized that the investment program he was recommending carried quite a low yield. I believe it was like a measly 2 percent p.a. compounded over a period of 15 years.

… to be continued.


2 thoughts on “Bad advice, part 1”

  • I agree with you Sir.

    I started to hate fm radio stations because of their more talk and less music strategy. and yes the worst thing they can do is to give bad advice in the form funny lines.

    most of the time, they have subliminal message in their advice.

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Bad advice, part 1