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By Randell Tiongson on August 6th, 2011

Here’s your chance to attend the Steps to Financial Peace for FREE!

Just follow the simple steps:

1) Post a comment stating how this event can be of help to you

2) Put a link to your Facebook and/or Twitter about the event (use this link

That’s it! I am giving away 5 slots worth P 2,500.00 each!


26 thoughts on “Attend my event for FREE!”

  • Hope the free slots are still available! :)) I actually want my Dad to attend. But I realized I also don’t have any idea about what to do to get out of debt, how to be financially stable, and so. ‘Cause honestly, our fam has lots of debts because of our education..
    Hopefully, given a chance to attend this event, I will be able to answer the questions mentioned. :))

  • Hi Sir Randell,

    I would be very grateful if I’ll get a free slot for this event. I am so glad that I’ll be available on this day because I’m on a break next week before I start with a new company and this will be such a meaningful experience that I can get. I know I will be needing this seminar and it can help me a lot. This will help me align my priorities with the different cash flow that I’ll be receiving. At an age of 2 years in the work place, I am having quite a hard time with my finances because I am acting sort of as the bread winner in our family. They’re my priority, but at the same time I also wanted to know how I can prepare more for the future. I wanted to know how I can also grow my money with the continued support that I also wanted to give to them. Thank you for always having events like this one that are really very useful and inspiring to everyone. May God bless you more for your endeavors.

  • As the eldest and the breadwinner in the family, I want to know how to become financially independent and how to manage finances better. I feel that this seminar could teach me with the right values in making money work for me rather than me working for it.

  • The opportunity to attend will make us a better steward of God’s money.
    I and my husband share the vision of teaching and sharing financial literacy and attending this event will truly enrich our knowledge that will enable us to share more.
    God Bless!

  • Hi,

    You can call me frustrated financial planner/analyst. I have been making some investments based on what I know, what I read and what I think is right. Right now I acquired a health insurance/savings, this is for my retirement, although I’m just in my early twenties. Also, acquired a condominium for investment purpose.
    I’m really into investing, the seminar could help me learn more and after that I would have the courage to share my ideas to others as I know that I learned from the best.

    Thanks in advance!!!

  • I think that this seminar will help me with my personality. Whereas before I would have worries instead of interest with talking about money.

  • Dear Sir Randell,

    Attending this seminar would really help me get motivated again to pursue in having my own business again. I have tried and failed in my previous business endeavor and have been a bit discourage about it. But it is my dream and I do want to attain financial peace for myself and my family. This event would help me in gaining the knowledge and understanding on how I can pursue further my business endeavor. So, please consider me for a slot for FREE. Thank you and God Bless!

  • I always found your talks interesting but never had the opportunity of attending personally as i have prioritize mainly my families above anything else with eight (8) children but I believe God will answer my prayers and bless me with a free seat at your talk.

  • This will help me increase my knowledge to be financially intelligent and has something to share again to other people and my family that could change their lives. I hope I am one of the lucky 5 to attend the event for free. Tnx and God bless!!

  • This event will help me to spend and invest my money wisely. I have bought a condominium unit that has high amortization rate, justifying that when I sell these units, I can recoup my expenses. I’m now regretting that I bought these unit because real estate business is down. I’m now borrowing from other financial institutions and from my parents in order to pay the amortization of my condo unit, and this means that I’m in DEBT right now. I want to attend this seminar very badly so that I could get out of debt as fast as I could, and so that I will gain financial literacy in order to learn how to spend and invest money wisely

  • I bought a condominium unit with high amortization rate, hoping that I can sell them and recoup my expenses. I was wrong because the real estate business was down. I’m now borrowing money from banks and from my parents in order to pay the amortization rate. This means that I’m in DEBT right now. I want to attend this seminar very badly so that I will gain financial literacy in order to get out of debt quickly, and in order to know how to invest/spend money wisely

  • Hi Randell,

    I had a design ans construction company but had to shut down operations due to financial constraints… and I’m in debt right now! I’m really in need of financial advise and would really want to attend this seminar do I would know what to do next! hope I can get the free slot! Warm regards!


  • Dear Sir Randell,

    Attending your seminar would be a great opportunity for me to get motivated again in having my own business. I have tried and failed in my previous attempt when I opened a computer shop a few years ago due to bad location and high interest rate when I got it by installment basis. this left me a bit discourage. But still having my own business is my dream. I am hoping that through this seminar I would gain the knowledge and understanding on how to handle my finances intelligently in my future business endeavors. So please save me a free ticket. Thank you and God bless!


    PS: This is my 3rd attempt in posting a reply. Hope it is a success this time.

  • I am beginner in financial literacy. I hope I could avail your free slot because I know I have a lot to do regarding my pursuit for financial freedom.

  • Hi Randell
    I am a licensed life and variable life agent but due to my schemia which was diagnosed when I was hospitalized twice in the past, I had to slow down with my sales and financial services activities, for more than two years. I was able to maintain my licenses by undertaking token selling and financial services activities, and achieving just a bit above the requirement for renewal. Now that my health condition has considerably improved from the time that I was confined at a CCU of a hospital, I am exerting a lot of efforts to get back on track again. However, I realized my minimal activities on the financial planning aspect of my profession resulted into a “what you don’t use, you will lose” situation. This led me to consider enrolling in a financial planning course (RFP or RFC, or others). Having a taste of the one day seminar “Steps to Financial Peace”, which you are conducting on August 12, 2011, hopefully with a free ticket from you, will definitely be a big boost to realizing my desire to rejoin the ranks of financial planners like you, in your advocacy for financial literacy and wellness for Filipinos. God bless you. …Buddy

  • I have attended the wealth summit 2011 and the awakened millionaire early this year. I would like to attend this seminar because I believe that i will help me sustain what I have learned from the two seminars. Also, I would like to gain more insights on how to be financially stable.

  • Hi Randell,
    Attending your seminar could be a great opportunity to:

    1.Hear the information I might know already but from a different angle from a different speaker so that I have an even better understanding of the topic. 🙂

    2. Learn facts and statistics that will help me better understand the market and industry.

    3. A chance – to get one-on-one guidance from speakers.

    4. Hear stories of what to avoid.

    5. Update my understanding of an older process that has new steps.

    6. Another chance to experience how some people make a lot of money in a short time.

    7. Recruit speakers to present at my own seminar, conference, tele-seminar or webinar.

  • Sir Randell,

    Attending “Steps to Financial Peace” will surely solidify my foundations in giving financial advise to my friends, relatives, clients and followers of my blog. Just like you, a big responsibility is also tasked on my shoulder in spreading financial literacy. And what’s a better way of doing that? By hearing it straight from the masters like you, Francis, Paulo and Jayson.

    I will then make sure to create a multiplier effect by sharing the learnings to my blog and to everyone that gets in my way.

  • I started in the life insurance industry as a training officer 4 years ago. I aspire to be like you someday, or even greater. I don’t know you personally, but many of my friends are your friends. Thanks!

  • Sir Randell,

    I am a fan of yours and Mr. Francis Kong, I have started to read your articles in And now, I am following your blog, facebook fan page as well
    as your ANC Shop talk guesting.

    I’m also an advocate of financial literacy. I always share all the financial knowledge that I have learned from you to my friends.

    Before, I was very eager to know about how to become rich and sophisticated investor like what Robert Kiyosaki imparted in his books. But every time I read your articles, you never fail in making me realize that there is something more than becoming wealthy or rich. I also learned from you that even in the bible there were a lot of teachings about investments and God wants to proper us.

    I want to attend the Steps to Financial Peace seminar to learn more about
    financial planning and of couse meet you and Mr. Francis Kong in person .
    Thank you Sir for sharing financial wisdom to us.

    Leo C. Manalaysay

  • our company is in a not very good status right now. I just recently took up a marketing post left behind by my colleague as ordered by our boss. This seminar, I believe will help us to get back on track. Before this job, I hold a high position in a Spanish brand clothing where I quit because of my mum’s health condition. And now she’s gone our financial status has been a free falling since then.

  • Good day Sir Randell!
    Its been three months since I decided to have my “life make -over” and praying for things, events, and seminars that can help me help myself to achieve personal, financial, emotional, physical stability. Thank God when I saw your TV interview this afternoon at ANC regarding steps to financial.

    I am a mother of two baby boys and technically I am “single mother” in terms of raising them, my husband is a nurse but he works as a CSR/Call center agent and he barely sees or supervises the children due to his schedule. I can’t blame him neither his career because he needs to earn and support us. This is my motivation to seek for wisdom and process my life make-over, and be a good example to my children and hopefully to other people as well.

    I hope and pray that I can attend your seminar for free, this will surely help me to achieve financial freedom, Eventually i would also like to bless others and help people help themselves.

    Thank you ans hope to see and learn from you!

  • hi sir randell, im 24 yrs. old and now working for four years.. when i watched ur guesting at anc shoptalk where i work as a researcher of its news programs, i got excited and really wanted to attend ur seminar for the second time.. i already attended one of ur seminars last year for free, thanks to you coz i really enjoyed it and learned so much from it.. i own a unit at tiangge nyt market at tutuban center mall and this is my third year in selling fashion accessories every christmas season starting on the month of june.. i started my small business 3 yrs ago, from my small savings and now im planning to have another one to other tianggian..

    attending this seminar will help me alot in improving my small business and get me to another business venture.. thanks so much sir.. and im suuuupppeeerrr excited!!!

  • Hi!

    I’m a pastor’s wife and my husband’s profession does not guarantee a fixed & stable salary, that’s why I’m really interested to attend this event. I believe that the things that I could learn from this seminar would really help us in the area of financial management. Furthermore, I recently started my small events management business so I also need all the relevant information that I could get. Hope I win 🙂

  • Thank you Sir Randell for offering a chance for F:REE ticket on this “Steps to Financial Peace” event.

    These are my reasons why it is very crucial for me to attent this event. 🙂

    – TO BECOME MOTIVATED, self motivation is not enough, it’s much better if you can hear it from people like you Sir Randell, Sir Francis Kong, Jayson Lo and of course from Mt Champ Paulo Tibig and of course from each attendees of this event, we never know.

    – LEARN FROM THE EXPERTS, everything changes, one day at a time, information from books or other online resources are not enough, I need to hear it from the experts.

    – TO GET UPDATED, I am assuming that this event is going to be an interactive, where we can also raise some questions and get updates, This venue could be a source of business update, I know there are lot of business minded people that will attend on this event.

    – A FORM OF MASTERMINDING, Maybe not just from the speaker, it could also from the audience and other attendees. This kind of events is very important on building relationship to other like-minded people. Another source of networking for open minded and business minded people.

    – I WANT TO SHARE IT TO OTHERS. I am currently running a blog a about business, after attending this event, maybe I can also share all the things that I will learn from this event (I’m sure there are a lot of good stuff in this event)

    That’s it. Thanks again, Sir Randell.

  • Hi Sir Randell!

    Winning the Steps to Financial Peace seminar ticket for free is the best birthday gift a celebrant can wished for. Learning more financial wisdom from the Best of the Best Financial mentors and coaches in the industry, I am so excited and ready to share all my learning to others.

    “Happy are those whose greatest desire is to do what God requires; God will satisfy them fully!” (Matthew 5:6) ?

    God bless you more, Sir in all that you do! May the force be with you!

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