2014 Outlook, part 3

By Randell Tiongson on January 9th, 2014

It will be interesting to read the views of a Dutch national but has a big heart for the Philippines. Rien Hermans is the President & CEO of AXA Philippines, one of the top 5 largest life insurance companies in the country, a partnership with Metrobank. It’s parent company, the international insurer from France, AXA is the world’s largest insurer.


The 2014 Outlook of Rien Hermans

I feel that the air is pushed out of the index in the second half of last year, the fundamentals are strong, P/E ratio’s back to more acceptable levels and the economy is going to deliver 80% of the promise that has been extensively communicated in the press. In line with that I see the equity index increasing in the coming 5 years to levels between 8,000 and 11,000, fort a large part dependent on the ability of the government to consistently convince the international business community that its able to collect taxes and reduce corruption.

In the coming 12 months I would expect that the index moves side ways but up and reaches around 6,800 at year-end. For investors I would assume that beating the index by picking the right stocks based on strong fundamentals combined with the right timing will allow over-performing the benchmark with 4%-7%, without increasing risk.

Rien_desk_portrait_2013Convinced of the value that financial products deliver to customers Rien has spent 25 years in the financial service industry in the fields of product development, distribution, marketing, strategy and general management.  

In 1990 he started with ING Bank in the Netherlands, where he was responsible for developing and implementing Life insurance as a new product group offered by the bank. His analytical skills and strategic vision were recognized and for 4 years he was vice president Strategy & Planning advising the Board of ING on strategic issues.

In 1999 he moved to Asia and after a short stint in Hong Kong he was assigned as the CEO of ING Life as well as CEO of Aetna Life & Healthcare in the Philippines, Executive Director and General Manager of ING Malaysia and the last position he held in ING was Board Member of ING Financial Services Poland.
In 2009 Rien ‘crossed the line’ and joined AXA with the assignment to transform AXA Philippines into a strong player on the domestic market with a sustainable position in the top 5. Focused to be the best in the eyes of the customers the company has strengthened its position in the growing life insurance and investment market in the Philippines.      


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2014 Outlook, part 3