2012 Outlook, part 1

By Randell Tiongson on January 3rd, 2012

I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries as to my view of 2012. Well, strictly speaking my view of this year is more ambivalent due to the many things going on, particular in the world economy. 2011 was a very eventful year, ballooning deficit on the US side, debt woes in the European front and lack-luster economic growth in the Asian sphere, particularly the Philippines. The stock market performed very well, only to wipe out its gains towards the later part of the year.

On the Philippine front, the Aquino government went on a all out war against corruption and the irregularities, while there is a view that the anti-corruption measures improved our situation, a lot of under-spending resulted to a sluggish economy, with forecasts being down graded fairly often.

It is not only economic woes that concerned theĀ beginningĀ of the new decade, the political landscape in the Middle-East is in a precarious situation. As that region controls a precious commodity, oil — the whole world is at its toes in fearful anticipation. Further, natural calamities seem to be more rampant and the damages it brings causes incredible losses as well as grief.

So what do we see for 2012? I am generally a very positive individual but I am also a realist at the same time. While my general view is on the bright side, it will be irresponsible for me to wantonly say that everything will be fine and dandy for 2012. Since my views on the matter really don’t hold much water anyway, who am I to be giving them in the first place, I thought of compiling the views of people who are really competent on their subject matters and asked them for their outlook. I opted to collect their views on post a series in my blog for the readers to peruse.

I will make my notes on the outlook and probably make mine in the last installment of this series. However, what I was able to gather from the experts are extremely insightful and very helpful to those asking what’s in store for 2012. I only asked from people that I personally know and all of them I truly admire and respect.

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2012 Outlook, part 1