What every family needs, a terrific CFO

By Randell Tiongson on August 2nd, 2009

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is probably the most important position in every corporation, next to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). All companies require money and the proper management of money is crucial if a company is to survive and eventually succeed. Yet, the CFO’s  job is one of the most misunderstood and under-appreciated  in most organizations. In the human body, blood is extremely important as we all know, hence the term ‘lifeblood’. In any company, money is the ‘lifeblood’ and therefore the one who manages it hold a very important task.

In the family, the function of a CFO is just as important. The household is very much like a business although the applications are different, the principles are the same.

I am thoroughly blessed to have a terrific CFO in my family, my beloved wife Mia. It is ironic that a finance practitioner like me is so poor in money management – I simply do not have the discipline and the knack to do it properly. Mia is a great CFO, without her, our family will be in a total mess. My wife is also a Registered Financial Planner – the difference between us is that I am more theoretical while she is more practical. In other words, she actually practices what she knows!

More than a fantastic CFO, my wife is a great at many things. Between the two of us, she is actually more entrepreneurial than me. She twice put up a company with virtually no capital! Her current business is Quick Plate Food Catering which she established in 2007 with our sister-in-law Lynne. From humble beginnings (canteen operations), their company now caters huge corporations like IBM, Accenture, etc.  She is a multi-awarded sales person also in all the companies she ever represented. What she has accomplished and the things she is to accomplish keep me in awe. She does all of these while being a great mother and a terrific wife to a very demanding husband like me.  This school year, she has even started to home school our two young boys – what a superwoman!

She raises our kids, manages our household, runs her business endeavors, home schools the boys, deals with our teenagers, administers as a CFO – while being a mega supportive wife to such an undeserving husband like me. To say that I will be lost without her is a gross understatement.  She is my best-friend, mother of my children and my life-long loving partner. However, all of these are dwarfed by a fact that amazes me further – her love for Christ. Mia truly has a big love for the Lord, something that makes me love her more. My wife loves God more than anyone else – more than our kids, more than me and definitely more than herself.

To my CFO, my boss, my best friend, my lover, mother of Billie, Gabbie, Riggs and Chino, my life-long partner and my co-laborer in Jesus, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you so much.

“A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.”

– Proverbs 31:10, NIV


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  • Beautiful blog…so sweet. I’m inspired to be a better wife and mother. God bless you two..

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What every family needs, a terrific CFO