Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in the Philippines

By Randell Tiongson on May 15th, 2011

Who are the top Life Insurance Companies in the country? The Insurance Commission releases the list of the top insurers albeit late. The latest figures show the numbers of 2009. The ranking is according to total premiums registered.

There are many other areas one should consider when choosing an insurer other than its ranking such as claims experience, customer service, charges, etc. Further, chose a life insurance intermediary (agent, broker, adviser) who will take time to educate you in the rudiments of risk management and not just push a product.

Top Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in the Philippines

in Premiums of 2009
Rank Company Total Premiums
1 Philam Life & Gen. 10,892,909,604
2 Sunlife 9,565,859,352
3 Insular Life 6,183,786,001
4 Phil. Axa 4,440,526,432
5 BPI Philam Life 3,602,786,538
6 Pru Life 3,523,756,928
7 Generali Pilipinas 3,213,435,239
8 Manulife (Phils) 3,190,063,952
9 Grepalife Financial 2,274,757,169
10 United Cocolife 1,841,497,005

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  1. Good day!

    Sir. RJ,

    Naiintindihan ko po ang inyong hinaing kung ano man pong hindi magandang nangyari sa plan nyo sa pre-need company na sinalihan nyo. Unang-una po ang pre-need companies ay hindi life insurance company, napakalaki po ng pagkakaiba ng pre-need company sa Life Insurance Company. Ang pre-need company po ay under ng supervision ng Security and Exchange Commission and just like other business they operate freely at sa tingin ko hindi sila monitored ng (SEC) lalong lalo na sa Financial status ng isang pre-need company kaya malaya silang nagagawa ang kanilang business kahit na mejo kulang na ang kanilang reserved or trust fund. Now, ang Life Insurance companies naman po ay Govern ng Insurance Commission, ang IC po ang nagpapasa ng mga plano ng isang life insurance company kung dapat ba itong ibenta sa mga mga tao or hindi. Isa pa ay merong ceiling ang pagbebenta ng mga plano ng isang life insurance company, dahil dito napapanatili ng life insurance company ang maayos na negosyo, dahil bago pa po maibenta sa mga tao ang isang plano ng life insurance company ay meron na agad itong nakatabing pangbayad at ito po ay hindi ginagalaw. Kaya kahit magkasabay-sabay ang claim siguradong makakabayad ang life insurance company. Sa pre-need po sky is the limit and pagbebenta kaya kahit hindi na sapat ang kanilang pangbayad ay benta parin sila ng benta. Kaya nga po nitong mga nakaraan buwan ay inilipat na po sa Insurance Commission ang lahat ng pre-need companies para ito ay mamonitor at para maiwasan na ang pagbaksak ng iba pa. In history of Life insurance industry wala pa pong bumabagsak na life insurance company dahil sa set of standard ng Insurance commission, kung meron man pong magsasara ay inililipat po lahat ng obligasyon nila sa isa pang life insurance company upang hindi maapektuhan ang mga policy holder nila. Sana po ay maayos pa ang inyong problema.

    Salamat po.

    Anong plano mo? Usap tayo?
    E; [email protected]
    C; 0916-6858103
    DL; 710-5286

  2. thnx randell!

    nadinig kita kay chinkee nun weekend ganda ng mga advice mo.

    it also affirmed my total disgust and diregard of the Philippine PRE NEED INDUSTRY!

    salamat at tinuruan mo yun mga parents na ilagay nlng sa ibang paraan ang kanilang PINAGPAWAISAN NG DUGO na pera kesa sa mga BWISIT AT PESTENG PRE NEED INDUSTRY NA YAN!

  3. good day! gusto ko lang po sanang malaman kung anong insurance company dito sa metro manila ang nag cocovered ng bodily insurance, incident insurance and property damaged insurance?

    Maraming salamat and more power

  4. good afternoon po sir!!! ask ko lang kung meron po bang insurance para po sa non living ng company namin??? anu po bang tawag dun??? bagito po kc ako kaya di ko po alam kung san mkakaavail ng ganung insurance na hindi kami maloloko… salamat po.. God bless…

  5. You mean non-life? Check out reputable brokers.check out the website of the Insurance Commission too. – Randell

  6. Hi Mr. Tiongson,
    I really wanted to avail a Life Insurance, yet I dont have any idea on how to be part of it. And also may I confirm, if I can afford this kind of Insurance. Any sugestions on how? Salamat.

    Rea Salcedo
    Executive Secretary

  7. Good day! Hi mam. Rea, I’m Roland Natividad License Financial Advirsor of Philamlife. I would like to help you regarding your plan to get a life insurance plan. Can we meet personaly to present to your our best protection plan with investment return. Please contact when will it be to meet you. Thank you very much.

    Anong plano mo? Usap tayo.
    E: [email protected]
    C: 0916-6858103
    DL: 710-5286

  8. Hello Sir Tiongsion!

    Inquire lang po sana ako if you have an idea regarding Phil Axa on how effective & efficient they are when it comes to their customer’s benefits & issuance of matured premiums. hope to hear from you soon. Please reply thru my email.
    Thank you

  9. Dear Mr. Tiongson,

    I’m looking around for insurance coverage that is linked to investments and can therefore double as a retirement vehicle. I’ve found some great deals, however, most companies do not have, or have very limited coverage for disability. I’m looking for disability insurance that would pay me monthly, let’s say 50 to 70% of my current monthly salary until I reach retirement age, in case I get disabled either by accident or by some serious illness. Do you have any advice on this? Do you know of any companies that offer this kind of insurance?

    Thank you.

  10. Good day!

    Pwede po bang malaman kung may mga internship programs yung mga nakalistang insurance companies sa taas. From what I know bago lang kasi Actuarial Science,which is what im taking up right now, kaya medyo mahirap maghanap ng pagtrabahuhan na related sa field. Thank you!

  11. Hi,
    gusto kong pong malaman kong mag kano
    per year ang life insurance coverage per year?
    ng isang condo required po ba ito. at magkano po
    ang minimum payment.

  12. I read your comments re: pre-need insurance and life insurance companies. I want to invest some of my savings for my retirement can you provide me some advice on where to invest?
    Thank you.

  13. Hi sir. Dick Caayao, I’m Roland Financial Advisor from Philamlife. I would like to help you regarding your plans to set your retirement. I can provide you a proposal for your retirement. Please forward your details such Name, Surname, Middle Initial. Date of birth, current job and email address. Please send it to my email. Thank you.

    Philamlife recevied another award from Reader’s Digest Asia the 10th Platinum Trusted Brand Award 2014.

    Anong plano mo? Usap tayo.
    E; [email protected]
    C; 0927-8510011
    DL; 710-5286

  14. Hi Rj,

    Our team which consists of people from the financial services industry is launching a free and full comparison service for Filipinos so that they can compare financial products such as life insurance, health insurance, loans and credit cards in one place. We’re launching on the 30th june, perhaps your readers will find the information useful?



  15. Hi,

    I have a few queries. I live abroad at the moment and I want to secure a life insurance for me and for my husband. What kind of insurance would suit us best since we are not based in the Philippines? Could you please give me some information about; retirement pension, medical insurance, education plan for our children and a pay-off after some time.

    Thank you.

  16. Hi maam Leanne,
    I don’t know bakit ako napunta dito na site nto, maybe God has a purpose. I was just had a meeting with this wonderful person she’s with Pru Life U.K insurance and she convinced me big time. I hope she can help you and understand more about your needs and your family needs. Her name is Marie Jocelyn G. Cang a branch Manager/ Master Star Club of Pru Life U.K
    Tel: 0917-3207455
    email: [email protected]
    Talk to her about your problem. This is Ethyle.
    Hope this could help, God bless.

  17. Good day. Hi! You should be here in the Philippines when getting a life insurance protection or before your flight you should. In getting insurance you have to consider the profitability, stability and the most trusted.

  18. So basically you are saying that one must reside in the Philippines in order to get an insurance. Is that so?

  19. Hi mam. Leanne,

    In your case mam. It is better talaga na bago kayo umalis ng Philippines meron na kayong life insurance kung dito po kayo sa Philippines nakatira talaga at sa ibang bansa lang kayo nagwowork. But if you are live abroad you can get a life insurance were u live outside the Philippines. To make life easy get a life insurance here in the Philippines.

  20. I would like to know if what insurance fits for me and my family (husband and 3 children aged 16, 10, 9) and what will happen to their insurance when my children grows old and to us. Also is it the same with memorial plan? What will happen to our insurance when I die? thank you very much =)

  21. Good eve. Mam. Joanna,

    Im Roland Natividad Financial Advisor from Philam Life the real life and the most trusted.
    Mam. Joanna, ang memorial plans po ay malaki ang pagkakaiba sa life insurance product. Memorial plans cater by pre-need companies while life insurance and investment products is handle by life insurance company. In your case mam. Joanna i suggest since you might be the bread winner or shall we say one of the provider of the family second to your husband i can offer you our protection product for the financial protection for the family just incase something happens to you and it will also help you to settle your estate tax. Second this plan has health insurance benefits fir your protection just incase you got sick with critical illness, just incase Philamlife will give you a lumpsum amount to help you finance your medical expenses and to help you recover faster. Third this product has investment component which also know as your savings. This will be your fund to use if you are in your retirement age. In banks deposit you’ll just earn 0.25% per annul less 20% witholding tax so technically your not earning. While in Philamlife investment products we performed 8% to 21% per annum so you can make sure that you can save for your future needs. I hope we can set a day to talk about this and to study also the most fit plan for you and for your children. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

    Anong plano mo? Usap tayo.
    E; [email protected]
    C; 0927-8510011
    DL; 710-5286

  22. pwede bang mag avail ng insurance sa mga companies na yan without a financial adviser, yung direct or online lang?

  23. hi mr roland im currently here in singapore working and i’m planning to avail a life insurance but i dont know which policy fits in me i hope i can hear an advice from you

  24. I am a plan holder of Philasia Insurance, my problem today is I can’t locate the Office address of Philasia in Cagayan de Oro. Please help me locate so that I can continue.

    Thank you very much.

  25. Sir,

    Good day!

    I’m interested to know more about insurance and to have it also. I would like to know if what insurance fits for me and my family. I’m married with one child (me and my husband turning 26 and son age turning 2 yr-old). I just want to know, what will happen to my insurance if I die? I just to know also about educational plan and retirement plan.

    I’m hoping to hear from you soon.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Julie Anne Lacuata

  26. Good day. Hi mam. JulieAnne lacuata, this is Roland Natividad license Financial advisor from the biggest and most trusted life insurer Philamlife. Base on your inquiry you are kore after to the financial protection of your family and that’s a very nice point of view of yours. First in getting an insurance plan you have to consider things such as the financial capacity of the family, numbers of member’s of the family and how big life insurance coverage will be fit in to cover all the necessary expenses and future debts. Let explain it further. Please give me a private message in my email [email protected] so we can talk privately to identify your needs regarding insurance of the family and education plan for your baby. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

    Anong plano mo? Usap tayo.
    E; [email protected]
    C; 0927-8510011
    DL; 710-5286

  27. Gusto kung malaman proposal for health and accident insurance and magkano dapat kung bayaran per year ba or whatever…Thanks

  28. Good day ms. Marilou Moray, this is Roland Natividad Agency Organizer from Philamlife the largest and most trusted. I would like to help you with your inquiry regarding on Health and accident insurance. Please forward you Name, middle name, surname, date of birth, occupation and budget per month into my email [email protected] para makagawa po ako agad ng proposal for your health and accident plan. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

  29. Good day to all! I am a licensed financial consultant of Pru Life UK. Most of you are inquiring what best fits your needs in terms of life insurance. If interested, you may opt to ask/inquire to other life insurance companies such as Pru Life UK, a subsidiary of Prudential plc, a British financial services giant.
    Kindly email/txt if u have inqueries. I will gladly help. Better to have options.

    Heidi Corpuz
    Financial Consultant, Pru Life UK

  30. hello, MAGANDANG ARAW! anybody who wants their money to earn more than banks can give? I can present to you an investment plan, with higher yield of investment, with hospitalization benefit, with retirement income and life insurance coverage .ALL IN ONE PLAN. with a minimum premium of 30K per year.. call me to this no. 09425972265 im willing to help you plan.

  31. Hi RJ,

    Pre-need companies yang sinasabi mo…hindi yan Insurance..iba ang Insurance company sa Pre-need sobrang magkaiba..wala pang tumakbo na insurance companies…fyi lang

  32. Sir tanung ko lng po sna kung monitored b kau ng IC…pru life..cocolife at filam life…syempre po d nmn napupulot ang pera kya nais ko lng po malaman kung legitimate kaung insurance company

  33. Good day,

    Itatanong ko lang po kung ano-ano po ang mga insurance company na nag-o-offer ng accident insurance coverage is 3 to 4 mos. lang po.

    Thank you

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