The need to protect

By Randell Tiongson on April 11th, 2010

In the arena of financial services, the need to protect is not most people’s top priority. Insurance continues to be a service that is misunderstood – we also distrust it, avoid it, delay it and we are generally apathetic towards it.

The Philippines still continues to have the lowest percentage of insured individuals. This is not good because in the risk management arena, insurance remains the best.

The country’s insurance industry is older than the republic itself, yet we continue to lag behind many countries when it comes to insurance.

A high percentage of progressive countries’ populations are insured. Is it about affordability? To a great degree it probably is, but to a great degree it isn’t, either. How many Filipinos have a mobile…

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One thought on “The need to protect”

  • Hi just wanna ask the advantages and disadvantages of having a health insurance+investment in HMO’s?
    like caritas etc..

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The need to protect