Saving & Investing: ANC Mornings guesting

By Randell Tiongson on February 12th, 2013

It was a privilege to be back at a show which first guested me many years ago. I have since been a regular guest for many other shows of ANC but I am always looking forward to guesting at ANC Mornings and having a blast conversing with Ron Cruz. You might notice that I am so comfortable with the anchor — that’s because we have become good friends through the years.

For this episode, we went back to the basics of savings and investing which Ron felt was a timely episode.

Here’s the episode:



One thought on “Saving & Investing: ANC Mornings guesting”

  • Hi Sir Randell,

    You did a great interview in this ANC segment on Saving & Investing. You’re correct we really need to start listing down all our spending so we could check and be aware where our money goes. What I also liked about your advise in this interview is “prioritizing the needs”, especially the need for education. We need to save for our education.

    Regarding investing, like what you said, I think creating and portfolio diversification is also important.

    Great interview. You looked really confident about the topics. Thanks for sharing.

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Saving & Investing: ANC Mornings guesting