By Randell Tiongson on June 14th, 2011

Events of my last weekend reinforced my passion to help prepare the next generation. I often feel that my generation has not done much for the next generation. One of the biggest mistake my generation can commit is not preparing the way for the next generation.

As parents, the future of our children is always foremost in our minds. I am actually looking forward to the day my children will spread their wings and explore the world and the only thing I can do is pray for them as they make decisions that will define their destinies.

Last Saturday, I partnered with a mother and son team to bring about a repeat of Blue Chip, a program that teaches the youth on finance and entrepreneurship. Christopher Young is only 17 and a junior high student, he took the task of organizing Blue Chip for his friends and acquaintances, with the help of his energetic mother, Karen Young. There were more than 40 young ones taking the program and all this because a young boy believed that a program like Blue Chip will really help him and people of his age. A supportive mother like Karen brings out the best in our youth as she guided him, supported him and co-labored with him to ensure that Blue Chip will be a success. When the organizing of the program became difficult as participants were not responding the way it was forecasted and sponsors were lukewarm in their support, Chris and Karen were steadfast in their commitment to Blue Chip despite the odds. The audacity of a 17 year old boy to mount a program like Blue Chip was inspiring — stories like these make me feel secure that the next generation will do great things in the future. Parents like Karen are great role models in nurturing successful children.

I was so honored to share the platform with other speakers who shared the vision for the next generation. My friend and Pastor, Jayson Lo touched the hearts of the kids by reminding them what is really important in life imploring them to invest in relationships and value character above everything else. Carlo Ople, the countryโ€™s most notable personality in the social media environment was a big hit with the kids as they really learned from someone who understands and share their passion on social media. Carlo espoused the role of communication for business and career building. Paulo Tibig encouraged the youth to dream and dream big and strive for success. He reminded the youth that success is not achieved overnight and those are winning strategies for success as an entrepreneur. Jaret Garcia shared his story as a student making money and the challenges he needed to overcome business challenges. My lecture was about financial management and investing and I echoed the value of discipline in handling money. A real treat that day was interviewing and listening to the young Anton Fausto, a 14 year old investment whiz kid who also shared how he manages his own portfolio. More than inspiring the youth, the Blue Chip speakers gave practical instructions in achieving successes in money and business.

The day after Blue Chip, I attend Sunday service at Victory Green Hills and was delighted that the topic for the service is about the next generation. A very youthful pastor named Bojo Bonifacio was preaching about the next generation using biblical context. Hearing Bojo was a treat โ€“ a young 26 year old pastor leads a throng of exuberant teens, raging hormones and all that and remaining to be relevant and yet grounded on biblical truth. I was in store for another treat when Pastor Bojo called for 2 women on stage, a teenager to pray for the youth and a mother to pray for the parents. Praying for the youth is my 17 year old daughter Gabbie, a freshman in college. She admonished the youth to be in faith and be steadfast in their faith as well as challenging them to follow the examples of Christ and not of the world. My beautiful wife prayed for the parents, petitioning the Lord to give parents the grace, patience, temperament and love as they are tasked with the difficult role of parenting. Hearing my wife and daughter pray one after another warms my heart and I can only thank the Lord for such a blessing.

I admonish everyone to do everything they can to prepare the NEXT GEN. The greatest atrocity we can do in this generation is to forsake the next.

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. โ€“ Proverbs 22:6, ESV

Video recap of the June 11, 2011 Blue Chip courtesy of Kris Young.


5 thoughts on “NEXT GEN”

  • Thanks for this inspiring post Randell.

    I agree we should be paving the way for the next generation. Whether we are parents or not, we can still make a difference.

  • Roch,

    Teaching the youth is a privilege and an obligation at the same time. With 4 kids, I got lots of practice. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Karen invited us to this one but my son had a youth prayer meeting that same time. I am still hoping that my son/s can attend one in the future. You’re absolutely right. Our responsibility includes preparing the next generation to be equipped with the right values and moral fiber as well as the mindset to be good stewards of their own money. Thanks for this wonderful article, Randell!

  • Hi Randell!
    Malu pointed out to me this blog. Last Saturday’s event has become a faith milestone for me, seeing God’s grace every step of the way. I hope that’s what Kris will remember above the support of so many wonderful people and parties, the solid lessons learned from the great youth mentors of Blue Chip, and the awesome opportunity to co-organize this youth-equipping event. Many, many thanks to your team!

    Here is the updated video link of the event:

    Until the next one! ๐Ÿ™‚

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