Helping people plan for the future, part 3

By Randell Tiongson on October 31st, 2010

… conclusion

What should we do? Well, we should continue to build more professional practitioners, teach them well and make them adhere to values like competence, integrity and commitment. At the same time, those who are in a position to create awareness should go double time. Write more books, have more seminars, build more websites, blog more frequently, publish more articles… the list goes on. Take awareness to more main stream avenues like the mass media but it can go beyond that. I am ecstatic whenever our church (Victory Green Hills) will tackle topics that will revolve around money and personal finance. The church needs to look after its flock, money issues are foremost in their concerns. Church related celebrities like Bo Sanchez and Chinkee Tan have been talking about money and personal finance from a biblical perspective and are convincing people that God truly wants them to live victorious lives. I was once interviewed by a Bishop for his TV talk show and the topic is personal finance. I asked the Bishop why he felt that there is a need; he told me that the church is really concerned about the welfare of the people, spiritually and physically (or financially). The Bible is full of verses that relates directly to money issues and when you read it, you can really feel that God wants us to be living great lives in all aspects. Bo, Chinkee and many more are making people realize that… great! I am encouraged to see more authors write about the topic and its great that their books have been selling well. My good friends Efren Cruz (Pwede Na! series), Chinkee Tan (Till Debt Do Us Part, For Richer & For Poorer) are great & practical books to help people. I also endorsed a new book by Ardy Roberto on biblical finance. The country’s leading motivational and inspirational guru, Francis Kong, has been encouraging people to take control of their financial lives through many of his seminars and talks. These are all great… and we need more, more, more! Sometimes I do wonder if I’m making any impact at all, even a miniscule one – I guess only time will tell. However, I will continue to do what I am doing for the next 20+ years and longer, I hope. I want to encourage people in the profession not to give up too easily when their job becomes too challenging. I would like to encourage my peers in the training profession to continue to teach. I would hope that people like Efren, Chinkee, Ardy & Francis will continue to write books and speak to as many Filipinos as they can. I pray that there will be many of us who will help our brothers’ plan for their future.

22+ years in the industry. The past was good and the future will be bright if we do the right things in the present. Looking forward to my next 20+ years! Let’s go and help people plan for the future!

Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality. – Romans 12:13, NIV


4 thoughts on “Helping people plan for the future, part 3”

  • Dear Randell,

    I’ve been following your blog for several years now, although not that often, but everytime I read, I always learn something new from you!… and you gained my trust. I feel that I want to entrust my financial planning with a professional planner like you!

    You see, I’m an OFW. It’s my advocacy to personally reach out to many OFWs to give them an eye opener on their financial situation – knowing that they earn decent incomes but choose to spend all leaving nothing for savings and investment. I see many OFWs who reached their retirement age working abroad and finally go home with nothing. This is a very sad reality of Pinoy expatriates! I’m conducting financial literacy seminars to small groups of OFWs here in Jeddah. I’m past the golden years myself and I’m thinking of something that would leave a legacy to others. I don’t have to look far, and so I’m doing this. If I would have made a difference in the life of few OFWs, then, my advocacy would not be in vain. But, I wanted more of them to know and be aware of what situation would be waiting for them if they don’t start managing their expenses now.

    Thank you for time, Randell.

    Hope to hear from you!


    Benny Tadili

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Helping people plan for the future, part 3