Francis Kong’s Will to Win

By Randell Tiongson on August 22nd, 2016


The world continues to change, the nation continues to change.

To thrive in today’s environment, the need to win needs to be instilled in the hearts and mind of people and organization, lest one will find itself forgotten in obscurity or worse, obsolescence. Now more than ever, discipline is not only needed, it is fundamental.

On October 1, 2016, Francis Kong will headline a conference that will equip participants with the disciplines to success. The event is aptly titled “The Will to Win”. Venue will be at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Robinsons Galleria, Q.C. from 1 to 6pm.

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Francis Kong is the country’s top motivational and inspirational speaker and personal development coach. He has been in the forefront of pushing many Filipinos not only to be inspired but also to be excellent. Excellence is something that can thoroughly equip many of us with today’s situation. Francis Kong is a TOFIL awardee and a multi-awarded speaker, columnist, author and multi media personality. With thousands of engagements speaking to virtually every top corporation in the Philippines and hundreds of conferences, Francis Kong is the undisputed influencer in his field.

As the main speaker of the event, Francis Kong will tackle the following topics:

  1. Intellectual discipline
  2. Emotional discipline
  3. Skills and competence discipline
  4. Personal growth discipline

Joining Francis Kong in the conference will be Gretchen Ho, Carlo Ople and myself.

Gretchen Ho is a Filipino volleyball player and television host. She was a volleyball standout of the Ateneo Lady Eagles. She was instrumental in bringing interest to the sport of volleyball, a sport now enjoying unprecedented popularity. Gretchen Ho will speak on physical disciplines.

Carlo Ople is one of the country’s foremost thought-leader in the area of social media and digital marketing. From gamer to blogger and now a managing partner of a leading digital agency, he was influential in brining his agency industry awards and record-breaking revenue. His team was also instrumental in the digital success of the “AlDub phenomenon.” Carlo will be discussing disciplines in the digital economy.

As a personal finance advocate, my work has been in the teaching and coaching of Filipinos in the area of personal finance. With over 200 lectures a year, speaking in 12 nations outside the Philippines, writing books and columns, my advocacy is to see a financially empowered and productive Filipino. I am tasked to speak on financial disciplines.

The learning fee is P2,000.00. Seating will be dependent on first pay, first served arrangement so reserve and pay for your slot early!

To secure a slot, click

It’s time to have the #WillToWin2016

This event is presented by Sun Life



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