Dave Ramsey on changing our views on money

By Randell Tiongson on November 13th, 2014

daveramseyscissorsI have said it time and time again and without shame that Dave Ramsey is my role model and benchmark when it comes to my finance advocacy

What makes Dave Ramsey really good is his straight-to-the point and no-nonsense approach with personal finance. Here’s a great video on why we should start looking at money differently and go against what the world has been teaching us. It’s time to go against the normal!

Like Dave, I believe the bible holds the answers to our many financial questions… as well as all the other questions we have in life.



2 thoughts on “Dave Ramsey on changing our views on money”

  • I agree. I love Dave Ramsey’s messages about handling money. I downloaded some of his talks on iTunes (podcast) and I listen to them over and over again.

  • Hi Randell, Dave Ramsey strongly advocates term-life insurance and said to stay away from cash-value/whole-life. What’s your take on that? Thanks.

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Dave Ramsey on changing our views on money