Balance is key

Question: I have been reading your articles and other posts about finance. While I find most of them very informative, I find them difficult to apply. How do I find the discipline to follow the rules that you, finance advocates, always talk about?-Joshua via Facebook Answer: Let me start by saying this, “money is behavioral … Continue reading Balance is key


Do not chase returns

One my favorite definitions of investments is this – “The commitment of funds made in expectation of some positive rate of return. If the investment is properly undertaken, the return will be commensurate with the risk the investor assumes.” Whenever people invest, their primary concern is almost always about return. While it is obvious that … Continue reading Do not chase returns


iCon2017 – an empowering investment conference

The Philippine economy continues to be on track towards sustainable growth despite a global slowdown. Businesses continue to flourish; revenues are posting good growth and the Filipino remains hopeful of their future. However, challenges abound and we are not without fundamental concerns. The era of growth has also ushered tougher competition, changing mindsets, volatility and … Continue reading iCon2017 – an empowering investment conference


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