10 Things to do with your 13th Month Pay

QUESTION: It’s almost the end of the year, and I’m excited for my 13th month pay. I plan to use it to buy Christmas gifts for my family and friends, but I know I’m not supposed to spend all of it. What are the best ways to use the extra money?—Emily via e-mail Answer: Ah, … Continue reading 10 Things to do with your 13th Month Pay


Best investments for retirement

Question: Hi Randell! Good morning! After browsing the net for Filipino personal finance tips, I learned about you. And after reading your articles, I’m very much driven to start investing. I’m already in my 30s and wishing I started earlier. But I can’t dwell on that anymore, so I’m ready to start now. As you … Continue reading Best investments for retirement


Money Talks, the Live Q&A Forum

Over a year ago, I was given an opportunity to start the very first finance themed Viber public chat group. Understanding the opportunity of using the public chat group to further financial education, my friends who are all leading finance experts have participated in this group and because of that, the group has been a … Continue reading Money Talks, the Live Q&A Forum


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