What’s going on with the stock market today?

Philippine Stock Market has been taking a beating for many days now and it is a concern to many. From a high of 9000 and dipping to 7500 in just 4 months, there’s so many things that goes on the mind of investors. Let me share you a very insightful discussion I have with my … Continue reading What’s going on with the stock market today?


iCON2018: The empowering investment conference

It’s back and now on it’s 6th year! #iCON2018 As the Philippine economy continues to be one of the most promising economies of Asia, the need to educate and encourage the Filipinos to be financially empowered and secure his future becomes very important. My investment conference, or #iCon was organized in the hope to further … Continue reading iCON2018: The empowering investment conference


Think long-term

In investing, thinking long-term is a good idea. I have always believed that time is your greatest asset. Here are a few points as to why long-term thinking is a must in investing and why you should stick to a long-term mindset: 1) It determines your investment objective People invest in various investment instruments depending … Continue reading Think long-term


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