What to do with your retirement fund

Question: Where should my parents invest their retirement fund and savings?—James Magsumbol via Facebook Answer: You and your parents are blessed to belong to the minority of Filipinos who have prepared for retirement. It is alarming to note that only a very small percentage of Filipinos prepare for retirement, so they end up being dependents … Continue reading What to do with your retirement fund


Level Up Sales goes to CEBU

Are you in the profession of finance and investment sales and you are from Cebu? Join me as I bring my high value sales program that will help you level up! Due to many requests for me to conduct my sales program in Cebu, I will be running the program on August 13, 2016 at … Continue reading Level Up Sales goes to CEBU


Nick Vujicic returns to Manila!

Great news! One of the world’s most admired motivational and inspirational speaker will be returning to Manila again, Nick Vujicic! Nick Vujicic has been inspiring millions of people all over the world, giving them hope and pushing them people to embrace that life has so much to offer. I had the privilege of being an … Continue reading Nick Vujicic returns to Manila!


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