7 practical ways to maximize your condo living experience

By Randell Tiongson on October 16th, 2018

It’s more than just putting furniture together, it’s about living smart without compromising style and function. Below are 7 tips to maximize your condo living experience.

Use multi-purpose fixtures or furniture – There’s a certain truism to the adage less is more. The smaller the furniture or fixtures you use the more space you can save. Allowing you to think of other stuff to bring in. If you are looking at bringing in large furniture, rethink your decision. There is a ton of other stuff which can be placed instead of those bulky cabinet or television set of yours. Fixtures or furniture are already available in the market that can literally shape-shift – a sofa can be a bed, a small table can be a dining table set, a coffee table with shelves, and many other more. You just need to be prepared financially as they don’t come in just mere hundreds of pesos.

If you have enough budget and planning on amping the function of your furniture to suit your taste, there are a variety of stores or companies that accommodate custom fabricating it for you.

Use pegboards – If you are working on a tight budget, then consider hanging things on the wall or making artificial walls. Pegboards or small wall décor holder normally does the trick. Coming in different sizes and easily customizable based on your preference and needs, these metal fixtures can be placed anywhere, used for anything, and a good organizer of stuff. What’s more, they are ambulant, should you decide to redecorate your unit, they are easy to take down and attach to a new wall.  Using prongs, you can fit in anything to the pegboard. From organizing your books, kitchen backsplash, accessories, keys, and other stuff these handy metal friend of yours has got you covered.

Don’t forget to paint these pegboards! 

Use colors that make your unit bigger – deception is everything. Paints help create optical illusions that make confined places look spacious and cozy. It is a generally known fact that light colors make rooms look lighter, brighter, bigger and more inviting. Soft tones such as off-white, blue, and green normally do the trick, while darker shades tend to absorb light making the room smaller and tighter. One caveat is to use lighter shades on wall trims and moulding. This makes walls appear farther back making your unit look spacious. To add to that, the right colors set the mood in the room. It can be a natural therapy for the eyes to reduce stress and boost your creativity and gives you more bandwidth to finish all your deadlines. But it all still depends on you. Choose the color that best reflects you as a person.

Use lights that promote a cozy ambiance – Cliché as it is, but proper lighting is everything. It affects the ambiance of the place and keeps the ball rolling for everything. Be it a dinner romantic date, studying for school, and beating all those deadlines, good lighting helps you achieve that. The psychological effect stimulates the creative region of our brains translating all those creative juices to your output.

If you have access to natural light, allow it to enter your room. It contributes to making the room bigger and admit it, nothing beats natural lighting!

Don’t forget the greens – while it can be a handful to take care of ornamental plants, but keeping one breaks the drudgery of life. Plants are natural stress relievers. It restores the balance of a chaotic place and the inner core of a person. On top of this, plants promote wellness. It reduces the chances of getting coughs, colds, and minor diseases. Enabling you to stay focused and ready for the daily grind.

Zone things – it all boils down to planning things out at the onset. By identifying and dividing your unit into areas based on needs and function, it is much easier to decide which furniture to buy, what are the things to add, and how much space do you need for each area. If you are in the creative industry, placing your workstation near the window helps you reboot your mind. The buildings, skyscrapers, the skies above, and glamorous lights of the city in nighttime can help stimulate something to cook up. If you live with a family, dividing the place will be a bit of a challenge but it will help you to plan well.

Always reinvent – redecorating is not just an avenue to maximize your space, but an opportunity to earn. Annual refurnishing allows you to revisit the things you still need and things you can dispose of. It helps you start anew and upgrade the furniture and assets you acquired the previous year/s. Online apps are available to help you dispense these lucratively.



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7 practical ways to maximize your condo living experience